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Brei Carter - Country Choir

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Country Choir” is a song about putting all the haters in your rear-view mirror, and it does so with confidence and an inspiring attitude. The genre of Country music often gets a lot of flak for its lyrical content and overall sound, but Brei Carter is here to say that the critics don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s too bad for them. “Country Choir” is a lot of fun, and the production is top-notch. The main message here is that whatever your passion is, love it wholeheartedly and never mind what the naysayers think.

Lyrically, Brei Carter takes a very direct approach in her writing style, almost as if she is talking right to the critics and country fans. Despite this, the lyrics are still fun and catchy, and they are easy to sing along to. “Don’t judge us if you’ve never heard, the sounds of Georgia crickets chirp, or the roar of a Texas high school football crowd, it’s not our fault if you haven’t seen, the midnight stars over Tennessee or a Mississippi moonbeam touching down.” The name dropping of real locations provides a great connection for many listeners who are from or have been to those locations.

The instrumentation is typical of southern country flare, and the performances thrive in proving Brei Carter’s point. Each instrument rocks hard and brings energy and fire. The drums are rock solid, playing simply but keeping a steady pace with a kick and snare that you can feel in your chest. The use of slide guitar throughout the track adds such an emotive layer, never distracting from the vocals but still adding a noticeable sound. The short but super sweet guitar solo adds another fun section to “Country Choir” while giving the listener a break from Brei Carter’s powerful and demanding vocals. She has such a commanding presence in her performance, if you weren’t a country fan before, you’ll likely be going to your first country concert after this one.


About Brei Carter

Determined, sweet, passionate, and vivacious are just a few words one would use to describe Brei Carter. Born in Monroe, Louisiana - Brei is a singer/songwriter who brings a sound to country music in a way that only she can.

Inspired by those around her, Brei was destined to be a country music artist. From spending days with her father singing songs by Charlie Pride to watching her aunt sing in her country music group. She even watched her distant relatives fulfill their dreams and knew her time to shine would soon come.

Brei was determined to use the skills she learned in her Church choir and from those she loved to bring her dreams of being the next big name in country to life.

With songs like Country Choir, Smiling and Back Porch Loving she brings a smooth, soulful, and sometimes edgy sound that listeners love in an instant. With her style and charisma being the icing on top of it all, Brei is the Country music artist we have all been searching for and can proudly say we’ve finally found.

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