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Briana Calhoun – 'Hang Up'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Louisiana singer-songwriter, Briana Calhoun, has an incredible story to share. During her teens and early twenties, Calhoun fell victim to addiction, depression, and self-hatred which led to her doing time in state prison for multiple possession charges, but her story does not end there. Calhoun turned her life around. She obtained a Master's degree and a career as a teacher, and she enjoys being a mother and a wife. As an artist, Calhoun seeks to empower others. She has three songs released in advance of her upcoming EP including "Learn Girl", "Hang Up", and "Whiskey." "Hang Up" is just one of her great, empowerment songs.

Briana Calhoun’s “Hang Up” is an up-beat, catchy message of friendly advice about overindulging in your vices. In this contagious, country-blues song, Briana never takes a judgmental stand. Instead, she acknowledges that a hang up "can be most anything."

Kicking off "Hang Up," Briana’s strong, country vocals take center stage. Briana's vocal performance can stand toe-to-toe with country stars on the radio today. Her inviting entrance leads us into a deep grooving bass that drives the instrumental arrangement. Layers of strumming guitar are panned light in the background while twangy leads chime in with electric melodies, fueling the arrangement with a rocking, bluesy sound.

Through the verses, Calhoun relates with listeners by saying that everyone has their own vices and tells the story of hers.

"Gotta have a vice Gotta have beer, wine, coke, smoke, coffee or whiskey on ice Gotta have somethin’ to get ya feelin’ alright… Had me a man He was from Arkansas He had me high as an Ozark mountain 2,000 feet tall But he started draggin’ My heart around And I fell from the top of a mountain to the cold hard ground”

Briana ties the story together with the hook that offers a friendly catch-line. “Gotta hang up, hang up, hang up those hang ups.”

Produced by Calhoun along with Dan Sumner at Fort Sumner Studio in Monroe LA, "Hang Up" has all the makings of a hit country song. This rocking, country jam with memorable pop hooks and universal lyrics is just one reason to fall in love with Briana Calhoun’s music. It will be hard not get addicted to "Hang Up," but if you have to have a vice, Calhoun's music is a great choice.

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