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Briana Calhoun - 'Meltdown'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

Meltdown” is so delightfully chill it reminds one of an easy Sunday morning. This song is instantly catchy, and the arrangement is intimate and tight. While this is country music, Briana Calhoun has conjured up a unique sound with silky-smooth vocals and light as a breeze instrumentation. The production here is incredible as the verses and the chorus are so distinct from one another.

"Meltdown" will help you stay sane during crazy times with love. Lyrically, Calhoun is expressing a concern that anyone can relate to, and she writes in such a fun and snappy way. When our love for someone isn’t equally reciprocated it can be deeply frustrating and this is exactly what Calhoun is singing about. “Cuz you don’t care about me baby, I’m only one of your ladies.” The lyrics of the chorus are very memorable as they employ an effective repetition. “Oh I wanna meltdown, meltdown, meltdown, yeah gotta get you out of my head now, head now, head now”. Calhoun’s lyrics are so much fun to sing, and they really help this song get stuck in your head.

The arrangement is very warm and relaxing. The song opens up with a fun acoustic riff that is clear and upfront in the mix. Filling out the atmosphere of the song are some really tasty slide guitar swells and rhythmic strumming on the electric guitar. Calhoun’s vocals are very smooth and bright. The special quality of her voice really comes to light when she uses vibrato on a held note. She also showcases an impressive range during the bridge of the song. Up high, her voice turns serene and somehow even smoother.

The song is decidedly short, but this adds to the songs replay ability. “Meltdown” is a fun and intimate song that you’ll surely be playing over and over. Briana Calhoun makes melting down sound so good.

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About Briana Calhoun

BrianaCalhoun is an artist on the cusp of a breakthrough. With an eclectic sound of country, pop, and R&B that she deems “Southern Pop,” her writing and vocal styles have a tenet all their own. Currently living in Louisiana, she recorded a mini LP in June at Station West in Nashville, that has been receiving national acclaim ever since, including four nominations by the Independent Music Network and the “New Discovery Artist” award for 2020. Not only is she an incredible talent, but she has an equally impressive story: Briana suffered from depression and drug addiction for 8 years as a teen and young adult, and was eventually sentenced to 18 months in a state correctional institute for women. But that didn’t stop her. After being released she used her faith and determination to turn her life around. She got a master’s degree, received a pardon from the state board of education, and is now an 8th grade English and Spanish teacher. In addition, she started a family of her own and is currently using Tiktok as a platform to help others in recovery. Although she says being a teacher has been a blessing, Briana has always known her true talent lies in music and now she’s ready to share her gift with the world. BrianaCalhoun is someone who can’t be ignored. If you listen to her music and story, you’ll understand why.


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