• Bryon Harris

Brighton Strangler - 'Dancing Outrageous'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

The energetic mix of “Dancing Outrageous" opens in full throttle, complete with steady, relentless drums, passionate guitar riffs, and a deep, pulsing bass. Mathew Hanson-Khan’s vocals are equally energetic, but noticeably distant, creating an effect reminiscent of a loudspeaker voice at some high school dance. From beginning to end, Brighton Strangler never pauses for a moment, creating an effect akin to blood pumping through your veins.

Lyrically, the artist captures the feeling of loving someone who can’t help attract the attention of competition. With plenty of beautiful imagery to accompany the narrative, Brighton Strangler successfully convey the nervous infatuation at stake. “Dancing Outrageous” leaves one reminiscing of the old, simpler days of romantic competition and dizzying dances.

“How can I love you when you’re fancying strangers I’ll always love you ‘cause you’re dancing outrageous”

Brighton Strangler is a band whose constant energy can always be counted on. The group brings a uniquely satirical tone to the hard rock scene, providing multiple layers of entertainment for their listeners. Talent and hard work go the distance, and Brighton Strangler has plenty to spare.

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About the Brighton Stranglers

Brighton Strangler are a five piece band influenced by distant memories of the Gang of Four and the Buzzcocks.As the story goes, lead singer Matthew decided to form a band after his singing was dissed at a party. He recruited Nick, Tim and Robert none of whom had played in bands before and started they started rehearsing.

Four years later, the band picked up veteran bassist Mikey. After losing their first drummer to tinnitus, Brighton Strangler arrived at their current line up of Matthew, Nick, Robert, Mikey and Steve. Despite their late start they are making up for lost time and the band's energetic and committed live performances are gaining them a following. The release of Dancing Outrageous brings their old punk energy to a new audience.