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Brooke Hatala - “Feeling My Way”

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Brooke Hatala delivers on an absolutely gorgeous hit song with pristine production values and a beautiful vocal in “Feeling My Way.” The rhythm section really glues the song together. The drums play with a whimsical lightness that allows the piece to flow naturally. The bass follows suit, and although it is never flashy it performs its role perfectly of making the foundation rock solid. The mixture of guitars is arranged very, very well. The acoustic is nice and warm, while the electrics really make sure the energy and charisma turns up to another level.

The real star of the show however is Brooke’s vocals. They range from soft and crooning to fiery with expressive emotion in the blink of an eye. Her ability to navigate both styles with such natural ease in addition to her technical prowess makes her performance in this song special.

What really separates this song apart from its peers is the meticulous attention to detail in regard to the production and arranging. From the tasteful strings to thoughtful keys every part serves its part in driving the song along. Each section transitions into each other with such fluidity while slowly increasing the energy that the pace of the song never gets stale.

The intro starts deceivingly mellow, with perhaps a mellotron and acoustic guitars. It relies on the sultry vocals and catchy melody to keep it driving. The pre chorus introduces some electric guitars to build up some momentum, and the first chorus is emotional although nowhere near its full climax. The song is so incredibly clever with it’s arranging, that the next pre chorus and chorus explode with such cathartic energy that you might suspect you’re listening to another song, but it never feels out of place. Overall all of the parts are beautifully and perfectly written.

This song is a heartfelt piece of Hatala’s own soul, laid bare in all of its vulnerability to her listeners. This is not just evident in her expressive singing, but also in the lyrics. “Sometimes I’m flying , sometimes I’m falling, sometimes I’m laughing, and sometimes I’m afraid”. Her raw emotion is being expressed with every lyric, and they are incredibly powerful. With an attention to detail seldom seen in music production and some of the most impactful vocals you’ll hear anywhere, “Feeling My Way” by Brooke Hatala is a masterpiece in songwriting production and solidifies Brook Hatala's ability to rise to the top of the charts.


About Brooke Halata

Brooke Hatala is a singer, songwriter, guitarist from Raleigh North Carolina who now resides in Nashville TN. She is a student at Belmont University while pursuing her music career fulltime.

Brooke is not new to performing, she had her first solo gig at age 11 which has grown to bigger events over the past 8 years. Brooke opened up for Willie Nelson at the Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC at the age of 15. Brooke also was a contestant on The Voice Season 12, earning a blind audition, and was one of the youngest contestants ever. Other notable performances include the National Anthem in Oklahoma City in June 2016 for the Women's College World Series Championship games for a crowd of over 13,000 and at a Duke Men's basketball game for over 9,000 in the famous Cameron indoor stadium. At the young age of 13, Brooke sang at the Rascal Flatt’s concert "meet and greet" in Raleigh at Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek, and at 14 she performed on the VIP stage before the Keith Urban concert. Brooke was featured on WRAL TV as an "Artist to watch" along with WQDR 94.7 featuring Brooke in the Homegrown Carolina series and playing her songs on the radio.


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