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Brooke Hatala - "Not the Only One In This Town"

Review by Reagan March & Staff

Can Brooke Hatala be the next big name in the mainstream music industry? With a history of performing since the age of 8, she has had several opportunities to open for acclaimed artists such as Willie Nelson and Keith Urban, and was even on season twelve of The Voice.

Hatala’s talent is quite evident through her professional sound and lyricism in her new song, “Not the Only One In This Town”. Her classic country sound immediately soothes the listener as intensity builds throughout the song keeping the listener captivated. The varying dynamics of the drums in this piece along with her use of reverb is what truly makes Hatala’s interpretation of country music quite unique.

Let alone the instrumental part of the piece, Hatala’s remarkable voice is intriguing as her rasp and slight yodels make listeners want to sing along. Her beautiful vibrato is on display throughout the chorus granting satisfaction to how well executed her vocal technique is while the backing vocals add great texture to the song.

The message of her song is quite axiomatic through the main lyrics in the chorus, “I mess up, get it wrong, I give up on myself when I know mama raised me strong. I’m lost and found, I’m not the only one in this town.” Hatala explains that like many others, she goes through hard times and bounces back which is only normal. Her message is very relevant, especially during these times pertaining to what our world is going through, and she strives to affirm others that they are not alone in doing wrong or messing up.

“Not the Only One In This Town” gives listeners a great first impression of Brooke Hatala’s musical talent and style as she continues to make more well versed music. The overall sound of her song, with the stellar production details by renowned producer Billy Smiley, and simply her charming voice, create a very full and well rounded song. Hatala’s music deserves a worthwhile listen to as she perfectly displays the necessities of a musician in her new EP.

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