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Brooke Reuss - 'Stand Up'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Melbourne born singer/songwriter Brooke Reuss offers unique pop music through songs that explore political change, social commentary and humanity. Brooke's voice has been hailed as "a messenger that goes straight to the heart." With a pristine and powerful vocal tone, Brooke is an expressive and engaging singer. Brooke's forthcoming debut EP features songs which share the experiences and events that have affected her life. The EP includes a collaboration with Australian Idol winner Damien Leith on the stunning protest song - "Sometimes." Another stand-out song is "Sawyer's Song," an emotional ballad about a brave young boy who had cancer. The song "Stand Up" is an anthem about human rights that will surely get you hooked on Brooke's music and message.

“Stand Up” kicks off with a deep, infectious house groove; a pulse beat that reflects the powerful fighting nature of the song. A growling bass comes in to support the entrance of Reuss’ silky, reverberant vocals. The polarity in the frequency spectrum of the music makes every part stand out, and allows each component of the build to add to the mix in a significant way. Through masterful production and an expressive vocal performance, Brooke Reuss has crafted a catchy, unforgettable piece of music.

Lyrically, we find that the artist has approached the song with a strong message in mind. Brooke Reuss seeks to convey inspiration and empowerment, especially regarding the rights that all human beings should be entitled to. “Stand Up” seems to be made up of an infinitely flow of memorable phrases and powerful themes.

"Power and greed, I s all you really need. You're meant to be our voice. What you've done is not our voice."

In a world where the greed of the few often outweighs the needs of the many, it is essential for a voice like Reuss’ to be heard. Not only is the artist’s message strong and meaningfully conveyed, but the composed music echoes an overwhelming sense of power long after the song has ended. “Stand Up” is the kind of song one can listen to over and over again, and find new significance each time.

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