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Bryan Joon - 'Frozen'

Bryan Joon's single,"Frozen," can be found on BWH Music Group's 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One.' The compilation album features some of the best rising artists in contemporary country music.

Bryan Joon is a dynamic singer-songwriter whose repertoire spans country, r&b, soul, pop, and blues. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Bryan immigrated to Connecticut when he was six months old. From a young age, he studied music theory and voice. On his birthday, February 24th, Bryan released his self-titled debut album (2018). The album explores love and loss in a variety of genres. 

Bryan Joon's "Frozen" is a song that captures the emotion between loss and letting go. When someone hurts you, there is a healing place where time stands still. It is the space where hope for the relationship is lost. It's even more difficult when you add lies and deception into the story. The heart is frozen in time until it is ready to love again. The light in "Frozen" is Joon's incredible voice. Joon trained with some of New York City's best vocal coaches and you can hear it. Bryan Joon is one of the best, young independent singers in the country, with a rich voice that is full of expression. When Joon hits the high notes, you get shivers on your skin. Bryan delivers "Frozen" with enough warmth and passion to thaw anyone's heart.

"So now I kill all the hope I build inside, now that I know my heart was filling my head with lies. I just can't feel the rain before it turns to snow, now that I'm frozen solid I've got no place else to go"

The arrangement to "Frozen" is contemporary and polished showcasing great production work that radio stations can easily chart. Joon utilizes a full toolbox which includes piano, rolling keys, lush strings, bleeding guitar, bass, percussion and backup vocals. He creates a great groove and a truly modern sound. There's some nostalgic R & B along with contemporary pop and country sounds making "Frozen" a cross-over winner.

For a song that will get you through the wintrer of a broken heart, "Frozen" warms the heart and soul like the promise of Spring.


For more information about Bryan Joon, please visit his artist profile page on BWH Music Group. There you will find links to Joon's website, social media, videos and more. For more information on 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' by Various Artists, please visit the album release page.

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