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Caitlin Rushing – "Mexico"

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Caitlin Rushing’s “Mexico” is a fun, playful anthem for all those celebrating their independence and newfound happiness in their single lives. "Mexico" is more than a vacation destination, and it's more than a song - it's a declaration of freedom from toxic relationships.

Rich, a Capella harmonies open the track before a warbling organ melodically transitions into a bouncy guitar arrangement. Caitlin’s vocals grace the track with a glimmering, bright timbre that soothes listeners as she sings,

“I’m in the kitchen making tacos in my gym clothes I don’t need tequila I’ve got red wine and the radio I could use the time but I don’t need a man to take me to Mexico.”

Continuing the catchy motif of the verse, the instrumental arrangement picks up with thick bass and steady percussion with a snappy snare as she bolsters her vocals with indulgent harmony. Progressing into the chorus, Caitlin switches up to a punchy, rhythmic melody that leaves a lasting impression. The production by Grammy artist/songwriter Billy Smiley sets just the right mood.

“Mexico” is the perfect song to get you into a feel-good summer vibe, kick off your vacation, or get your mind in a good place after a break-up. Caitlin's lyrical cleverness and insight are priceless. Her voice will make you feel as though you have a new friend, and her song, "Mexico", will turn your blues into a warm, new day. Pick up "Mexico" and let the song's great message and music recharge your spirit.

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About Caitlin Rushing

Florida-born Caitlin Rushing is an Orlando based singer and songwriter. Caitlin received 2nd place in the prestigious ISC (International Songwriting Competition) for her song “Hold On You.” Her diverse musical palette includes songs like the playful and infectious groove filled song, “Mexico”, penned by Rushing and Smiley, to the lonely strumming sounds of an acoustic guitar on “Unsteady”, and the uplifting and inspirational, "Own Your Crazy." Caitlin is a unique artist with a love for melody, meaning, and mystery.


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