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Caitlin Rushing - 'The Other Side of Heartbreak'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Caitlin Rushing's new album The Other Side of Heartbreak showcases an up-and-coming songwriter and singer who is masterful at her craft. Teaming up with renowned producer, Billy Smiley, the album opens with the chartable "Own Your Crazy." This hit song is about reckless heart dreamers and the advice is not to look back because "you aren't going that way." The 'reap what you sow' song features piano, guitars, drums and a hook that is very catchy. "Own Your Crazy" showcases Rushing's exceptional and relatable songwriting skills.

Up next is the contemplative "Something" which opens with a light acoustic guitar bringing Caitlin's expressive vocals center stage. "I'm not a sinner. I'm not a Saint. I know what I am and I know what I ain't". "Something" is about acknowledging that you aren't perfect, but perhaps you did something right to deserve the love in your life. The music flows like a slow dance in motion with instrumental nuance that includes light acoustic guitar riffs and strings that give the song a warm timbre.

"Everything I Can't Be" is a tender and emotional ballad about unrequited love. Rushing's lyrics are introspective and poetic, allowing listeners to connect with her on a personal and emotional level. Against acoustic fingerpicking guitar, Rushing's vocals exude heartbreak. "I saw your love, but it couldn't see me. Everything your searching for is everything I can't be."

The fun and fiery "Mexico" changes the pace with witty lyrics that will put a smile on your face. "Mexico" is about taking a vacation after a breakup and moving on while soaking up your freedom in the sun. The song's arrangement is country meets Island paradise with nice strumming guitars, twangy beach riffs, and groovy keys. This song is for everyone celebrating their freedom after a breakup.

"Over You Yet" is an honest song about the bitter reality of not being over someone yet. Rushing sings from the heart as a gorgeous cello line accompanies her. "Cause it's gonna sting. It's gonna burn. Sometimes the truth ain't nothing but a fake word. It can be sweet like honey, harsh like smoke, picture perfect on the internet, but the truth is, I'm not really over you yet." Lyrically, the song paints an intimate picture of keeping up public appearances while hurting on the inside.

A bright and rhythmic acoustic guitar strums along in "What Love Is." A reflective song that looks back at a young girls' formative experiences of love and how she has grown to understand what love is. Riding in like a knight in shining armor, "What Love Is" showcases bouncy rhythms and an up-beat arrangement that make for an uplifting song with a happy ending.

A delicate chordal piano and gorgeous cello duet set the foundation for "Crying." The amalgamation of warm cello and bright, beautiful vocal melodies make a pleasing contrast that is sure to enrapture listeners. With immense soul, Rushing sings about having a safe space to call her own. This spiritual song talks about being born again, but retaining a lingering inner sadness. It would be hard not to have tears in your eyes when you listen to Rushing's intimate performance.

With a nice country-rock edge, "Look out Below" fights demons with confidence and swagger. Harmony layered vocals drive this high-octane arrangement. The band is tight and in the groove while Rushing struts her Country rock skills. With one of the most powerful hook's on the album, "Look out Below" is certainly a stand-out track on the album.

"Wrecker" is about home-wreckers - people who go around chasing other people's lives. The reverberant mix on her vocals sets a somber timbre, in a duet with guitar, setting the stage for her story. Taking an observational approach, Rushing thinks about what it means to cover up your deceit with excuses like "it takes two." "Wrecker" is a melancholy song that makes no excuses for bad behaviors.

"Refuge" is a beautiful and timeless love song about feeling safe in love. With a minimalistic approach of soft strumming guitar, gentle bass, and lightly brushed percussion, the dynamic vocal performance from Rushing shines through from the most delicate phrases, to the more powerful upper range of her vocals as she pushes through intense emotional passages.

The album wraps up with the uplifting "The Other Side of Heartbreak." Looking back, the person who was once heartbroken is now standing tall, high up on the mountain, looking down on the other side.

In song after song, Rushing's vocal performance invites listeners inside her story, whether it's the bitterness of unrequired love or the free spirited feeling of being single again, and once you are inside her story, you will be moved. In The Other Side of Heartbreak, Caitlin Rushing has sealed her place amongst the best new independent country singer-songwriters in today's music arena with songs that span the gamut of emotions with radio-ready hooks, relatable lyrics, and a vocal performance you won't soon forget. Listen on Spotify.

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About Caitlin Rushing

Florida-born Caitlin Rushing, an Orlando based singer- songwriter, is anything but a small town player. Her song “Hold On You” earned the 2nd place spot in the ISC (International Songwriting Competition). Fans relate to her lyrics and music that penetrate the heart and the soul.

From the playful and infectious groove of the song “Mexico”, penned by Rushing and Smiley, to the lonely strum of the acoustic guitar on “Unsteady”, and to the dark, mournful haunting a of voice battling the ghosts and angels in her soul, Caitlin breathes a deeper passion into the state of life today, and no one in the room is in doubt that we stand in the presence of a unique and beautiful woman of melody and mystery.


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