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Cal Brown - 'Lonely'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Cal Brown is an Atlanta-based singer- songwriter who combines classic blues. jazz, modern pop, and alternative music to create engaging, melodic songs. Cal has been performing around the Atlanta metropolitan area for four years playing a wide variety of venues as both an opener for national touring acts and as a headliner of local shows. In early 2019, Cal formed a four-piece band to play his original music, The Cal Brown Quartet. His second EP, Spring, was released song-by-song from March to May of 2019. Off the EP, the song "Lonely" showcases Cal Brown's extraordinary talent.

“Lonely” is full of songwriting dexterity. Written in 6/8, a quick pick-up from the drums invites bouncy layers of guitar that create an entrancing arrangement as they dance around the stereo image. Funky bass follows, staying tight with the steady percussion. The radiant groove smiles.

The rhythmic dynamic of the pre-chorus changes up as the drums emphasize each beat creating an energetic build up to the chorus. Breaking into the chorus, the vocals split into higher and lower octaves seamlessly transitioning to legato melodies from the punch of the pre-chorus.

Cal’s vocals are soothing and airy, gliding through the enticing melodies. The chorus is insanely addictive and will get stuck in your head after the first run through

“You’ll tell me you’re lonely / Come over and hold me right / You act like you know me / Like I haven’t been lonely a day in my life”

"Lonely" is about getting that call at 3 am from someone who probably just needs you in the moment. You may end up talking on the phone or you may end up hanging out, but it's probably just for the night.

A powerful guitar solo section with ambient vocals ad libs dissipates into the soft ending. And now, you hit play again because from start to finish, the composition of this record will keep your ears locked in and wanting more. From the vocal performance to instrumental arrangement, “Lonely” is a hit. Cal Brown stands out with a sound that is both chart-worthy and artistically creative.

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