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Caroline Keller Band - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

The voice of Caroline Keller is both angelic and commanding as she demonstrates with great authority on “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.” She narrates each line full of tone and expression as the rest of the band which includes John Christenbury, Scott Spruill , Clint Presley, and Travis Motley breathe new life into this Christmas classic.

Upon listening back the first time, I suddenly realize how tense of a day it has been as I find my shoulders begin to relax and drop. The slow tempo and swing feel of the rhythm creates a very calming atmosphere throughout. You can sway to this song as the rhymic ensemble is so in-the-pocket.

The production on this track is top notch. In addition to the instruments being expertly performed, there’s a clarity and warmth in the overall mix that is undeniably magical. Every instrument is perfectly represented here. Jazzy guitar tones dance around snare drums delicately played with brushes while crystalline piano keys mix with tight and resonant bass lines. Even sleigh bells make an appearance here. All fully represented in a gorgeous stereo image. You will feel a glistening and warm “fireplace” vibe by the end of the song.

If you are looking for a new take on one of your favorite holiday songs, look no further than Caroline Keller Band's "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" for one of the best new versions of this holiday classic.

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About Caroline Keller Band

Caroline KellerBand are storytellers at heart. Timeless melodies and thoughtful, reverent lyrics draws the listener in and transports them to another time and place making each performance more of an experience. CarolineKellerBand say their main goal with their songwriting is to be “Authentic”. Authentic to themselves and authentic to their audience. Strong songwriting and musical prowess brings the songs to life whether it is in a small, intimate venue or on one of the many larger stages that the band has performed on during its career.


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