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Charlie Webb - 'Far Away'

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“From Far Away” is a heartfelt and moving country song with tons of soul. This song harkens back to the golden age of country music. A strong melody and well-crafted lyrics support Webb’s piercing baritone vocal delivery. Back-up vocals and mandolin fills add the necessary frills. The song is amazingly effective at establishing an emotional tone which is consistent throughout sections.

Lyrically, “From Far Away” succeeds in poetically stating a universal truth in life. This song tackles a theme as old as time...love lost.

Someday you’ll find yourself, Without the one you love, And you’ll find yourself staring through the stars above, You’ll know you made a mistake.”

Straightforward and honest, these lyrics are brought to life by Webb’s earnest delivery.

“I wasn’t strong enough to make you stay, So I’ll be loving you from far away.” Phenomenal hook line.

“From Far Away” demonstrates wisdom in arrangement and composition. A fingerpicked acoustic guitar carries the harmonic progression while strings, piano and mandolin add depth. The vocal melody subtly rises and falls with each section. The build from pre-chorus to chorus is fantastically done. Fine instrumental performance and an engaging lead vocal deliver a home run with this well-written song.

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About Charlie Webb Charlie's parents moved from Gulf Port, Mississippi out west before he was born. They settled in beautiful Utah where his dad attended college and started working in MAX at the Utah State Prison. Charlie, at age 5 was included in their family band and started his stage presence early. From here he continued his passion for music and started playing guitar in his teens.

Having dropped out of high school in the 10th grade. It wasn't until his own son graduated high school that Charlie entered college and obtained his degree. In 1999, Charlie moved his young family to Nashville. There he was educated in the workings of the "REAL" music industry. He wrote, attended writers nights, played at the famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge and Wild Horse. Even walked the red carpet once with a Kitty Wells band member. After returning home to Utah, he never stopped his passion for writing and performing. He has been working with an extremely talented producer/engineer, and it's made a great difference in his music career. Charlie and his wife Melody co-write from time to time, though most come from Charlie. She helps with a hook or changing a word here and there. They are both published writers from local newspapers with having written stories and poetry. Charlie loves to write about real things, not country rap, but more traditional, folk, and modern sound with a southern rock edginess.


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