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Chris Devito - 'Lend A Helping Hand'

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Lend a Helping Hand” is a low-key and heavy-hearted song that aims to inspire you while also bringing to light the darkness the world is facing today. There is a tastefully low-budget vibe to this song that really makes it sound raw and real. Chris Devito is singing from her heart here and you can really feel it. The chorus’ are powerful and moving while the verses are calm and loom with a sense of tragedy and heartbreak. This is the kind of song you’d pull your lighter out to and sway back and forth with a huge crowd as you sing along with the band.

Lyrically, Chris is referencing how heavy life often makes the weight on our shoulders and how there seems to be no hope in sight. She references many relatable troubles that any person has experienced, and they are written in a way that is poetic and catchy. She then contrasts the verses with a ray of hope and an uplifting attitude. "Still there’s wars out in our streets, and there’s people choosing sides, isn’t this the time to come together, and put our differences aside, one for all and all for one, isn’t that the way it should be done”.

The arrangement is minimalistic and natural sounding, which speaks so strongly to Chris Devito’s message. She is singing about human nature, and she has created a song that sounds so truly human. The song begins with a simple but catchy acoustic guitar riff that aptly supports Chris’ restrained and subtle vocal style. To help separate the chorus’ apart from the verses she then switches into a full strum that allows the song to breathe a little and create a momentous sensation. After the first chorus a slightly out of tune piano is added that adds a bit of a bright atmosphere to the track.

“Lend a Helping Hand” has a message that every one of us needs to stop and listen to, and once you do it’s sure to get stuck in your head.

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About Chris DeVito ChrisDeVito is a NYC based singer/songwriter. Brooklyn born and raised. She launched her debut CD, “Beyond The Great Big Sky” in 2019 which can be heard on i-Tunes, Spotify, Apple Music and most music platforms. You can even ask “Alexa” to play your favorite track. Jason Scott of B-Sides and Badlands, dubbed Chris, "New York City's Folksy Gem". She has performed in dozens of venues all over the New York Tri-State area, including NYC’s legendary “The Bitter End”, “Parkside Lounge”, “The Delancey”, “The West End Lounge”, “Leftfield”, “The Back Fence”, “Kitty Kiernans”, “The Perch Café” and most recently, “Crossroads” in New Jersey.

Songwriting will always have a special meaning for Chris. She grew up in an incredibly talented musical family and has been playing music since she was a kid. Music is her escape. It has gotten her through many difficult times in her life and she hopes that by exposing her innermost feelings and fears, she can help to inspire others.


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