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Chris Mardini - 'Retrospective Outlook'

Sometimes you have to look inside and stare yourself down in order to get perspective and in retrospect you see what you have to do to get where you want to go. This is the resonating theme behind Chris Mardini's debut single, "Retrospective Outlook."

"And all the times I wake up, simply uninspired,I’m understanding now, I need to start a fire.”

And starting a fire is exactly what Chris Mardini does with the release of "Retrospective Outlook". A new musical voice for his generation, Chris perfectly captures what it feels like to search for personal motivation and inspiration. Looking deeper, he acknowledges the anxiety and loneliness of finding your own path as an artist. "I want it all in the palm of my hands. I want it all. You just don't understand." The song's track is also on fire. With high voltage energy and lots of engaging production work, "Retrospective Outlook" sounds ready for market. The introduction of the song has a real motivational vibe to it that gets you pumped up. Showing his artistic maturity, Chris avoids the cookie-cutter pop format with a break-out bridge section (where he raps) that takes the song to an unexpected place. In addition, he goes for introspective and personal lyrics based on his emotions and experiences.This combo of color-outside-the-lines music and honest lyrics is sure to please indie-rock fans. Chris's vocals are also sensational - he's a natural who sounds confident and polished.

"In Retrospective Outlook" Chris Mardini is looking forward which is a good thing because he has a lot to look forward to. His debut has put him on the map with exceptional vocals and production. This is a song that anyone who has ever had to find their inner motivation can relate to. It's extraordinary that Chris has found his voice at such a young age and "Retrospective Outlook" is proof positive that his motivation has paid off - big time.


About Chris Mardini:

Chris Mardini is a young, 17 year-old indie-alt-rocker artist from New York. He collaborated with Grammy-winning, veteran producer Marc Swersky, on "Retrospective Outlook." "Retrospective Outlook" is the lead single in advance of his EP. With a thru-line that taps into Chris’ passions for 90’s and classic rock (Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and hip-hop (from NWA and 2Pac to Kendrick Lamar), the track fuses high octane, anthem like modern rock energy with lyrics that pay homage to the inspiration of influential “higher ups” in the singer’s life even as he knows he has to start overcoming challenges on his own. Connect with Chris:

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