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Christopher Alexander - 'Midnight Mountain Climber'

Review Written by Ionas Finser

“Midnight Mountain Climber” is a perfect example of a song that creates masterful musical imagery for the lyrics it goes with. Christopher Alexander and his musicians create a dark, addictive atmosphere that will infect your soul with the catchy melodies the artist has to offer. The addition of organ and harmonica into the classic rock ensemble creates a vibe that is reminiscent of an era of music best found in the 1970’s and 80’s, while nicely complimenting Alexander’s vocals.

The voice itself is expressive but melodically minimal, which creates a brilliant effect that allows the other instruments in the mix to take on the emotional expression of the artists words. This even further affirms a crafty reference to the song’s subject matter.

The lyrics of “Midnight Mountain Climber” speak to the process of overcoming drug addiction. An underlying, recurring theme seems to be: ‘how far will this go before you wind up dead?’. Christopher Alexander is a poet at heart, and this comes through in his beautiful, always-interesting lyrics.

“Midnight mountain climber / He's a blacked out backroad driver / Rollin' on ice with two flat tires. / Won't be long before the boy expires.”

Christopher Alexander has created a poetic masterpiece that resonates with anyone who has dealt with addiction in the past. For the rest of us, it offers a contagiously catchy piece of music that carries intriguingly dark textures. “Midnight Mountain Climber” is one of those songs that you will never forget, as it takes you on a journey through the artist’s creative genius.


About Christopher Alexander

Christopher Alexander is a songwriter from Sonoma County who performs in a style evocative of the 60's and 70's. He's a poet turned musician who composes music of various genres from blues to psychedelic rock and folk rock to jazz. The subject matter he writes and sings about ranges from the mundane to the fantastical often blending the two in a seamless, mind-bending way.

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