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Chuck Da Arsonist - 'Way Too Original'

Review by Daniel &Staff

“Way Too Original” is a dreamy synth-wave hip hop track with strong vocal performances and heavy beats. The vibes are infectiously optimistic, it’s easy to feel like your best self while listening to this song. The Caribbean and summer atmosphere comes shining through right from the very start, with bright vocal hooks and wavelike synth sounds. There is a lot to love with “Way Too Original” and you’ll be hearing its catchy hooks in your head long after you finish listening.

Lyrically, Chuck Da Arsonist has created a cool and badass love letter to the one he loves. “Way Too Original” is about letting the one you love know that they are the best there is and that you’ll never let them go. The lyrics often have a wonderful sensual vibe to them as well, sparking a fire in your heart as you listen. “If you want it you can get it, I love how you move baby I can feel it, the way your body grind it you got me curious, every time it bounce you can’t be serious.” There’s a deep appreciation for his partner within the lyrics which is really inspiring and welcoming.

The instrumentation is totally electronic, and the sounds are absolutely killer. The kick and snare are mixed so in your face they practically force your body to move and dance along with the groove. The synths have an 80’s synthwave sound to them which is really unique for a rap track. There is also something very ethereal about them, almost as if the feeling of love can transport you to another world.

Guest singer Breana Marin has such a smooth and pure voice and her higher range contrasts perfectly with Chuck Da Arsonist’s lower sounding voice. His voice feels like the epitome of “cool” and he commands your attention each verse. “Way Too Original” is a sunny and inspiring rap song with catchy hooks and great vibes.

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Chuck Da Arsonist Many know the musical community around Washington D.C for either Go-Go music or punk. There is a growing hip-hop community as well, one which the upcoming artist Chuck Da Arsonist is slowly becoming the new face of the DMV area. ​

His solo career began while he was performing in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Texas, and California. Chuck Da Arsonist was named one of the EZ Street’s favorite artists in the area, and he’s been nominated for an award as one of the top regional underground hip-hop artists of 2015. In 2015, Chuck Da Arsonist signed a distribution deal with Universal/Capitol Records’ Caroline Distribution under Try-Angle Entertainment. Chuck Da Arsonist has now begun his own venture with his new label properly named "Da Bidnesz Ent." Thus, audiences can expect much from Chuck Da Arsonist in the years to come. He isn’t just a hip-hop artist: he’s a vocalist, a graphic artist, songwriter, and engineer. He’s poised to be the next big artist hailing from the DMV area. In 2011, he released a mixtape, ‘Da’ C.T. Project.’ In 2013, he dropped the street tape ‘Money Matters.’ Now, years later, Chuck Da Arsonist is returning to the place where he grew his musical roots for upcoming debut record, ‘WORDS RIGHT NOW".

The album is a concept album of sorts, one by a man that recognizes his purpose in life and what life has brought him. It’s an honest album, written by a man who’s been through struggle and all sorts of walks through life. The new collection of songs is street life entangled with stories of love, life, break-ups, political view points, and partying. It’s masterful storytelling, one reminiscent of the best 90s hip-hop that has now gone down as a legendary time.

Chuck Da Arsonist is an entertainer that should be watched closely in the coming years. With the new 2021 single "Way Too Original " Chuck is prepared to take things to a whole different level. This time not only bringing you something for the street but something for the club too. Moving on, his successful solo endeavors in places and networks like New York, Texas, and California are microcosms of his success to come. Having already performed at the world-renowned Apollo Theater in New York and the ;Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C, he’s built up quite a repertoire of recordings and live performances already.

For more information, please visit Chuck Da Arsonist's website.


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