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Coast to Coast Feat. The Fantastic Gems - 'Thank You Lord'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

"Thank You Lord" is one of the featured songs on National Indie Radio's new Spirit & Soul Radio show and sure to be a hit with listeners who enjoy great inspirational R & B. The song was written by Robert Finney. The outstanding vocal performances are by Robert Finny and Rocky Whitaker. Redman Caldwell plays keyboards and synthesize. He also programmed the drums and percussion.

A cascade of joyful, scale-wise synth orchestration falls onto the mix of "Thank you Lord" paving an exuberant introduction for the vocal lead. The light and crisp persecution invites you to close your eyes and sway with the groove. Joining the intro is a brief, soulful falsetto vocalese on ahh-oooh which is followed by the entrance of the lead vocalist who sings, "You're so special in my life. Full of wonders and surprise. You give me peace in the midst of my storm."

Vocally, the performance knocks it out of the park with smooth and expressive phrasing. With an impressive full range, the lead vocals easily transition to a rich and resonating baritone on the word "storm" then soar high on the words, "forever more" as he sings about the Lord's ever-presence through hard times and good times.

As the song continues, plenty of moments keep listeners ears locked in. In addition to the gorgeous and passionate lead vocals, the background vocals are truly exceptional. With hints of gospel, the additional vocal harmonies bring this song to Church. Both vocalists give a highly memorable and heartfelt performance that touches the soul and lifts the spirit.

"Thank you Lord" is an exuberant and joyful song full of deeply felt gratitude. From beginning to end, you can feel the power of love and thankfulness that inspired the lyrics. Song after song, off their debut album "The New Old Skool," Coast to Coast Feat. The Fantastic Gems shows that they live up to their name with truly fantastic music that is sure to find it's way into the hearts of R & B fans from coast to coast.

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About Coast to Coast Feat the Fantastic Gems

Back in 1968, at Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, a music group called The Fantastic Gems was born. After graduation, the talented musicians went off to college, the military, and new careers. Years later, two of the original members reformed in Washington D.C. as "Coast 2 Coast" and began recording and performing from 1986 to 1990.

In 2016, The Fantastic Gems got back together to fulfill a promise they made to each other when they were young students in New Jersey. The result of their reunion was the release of The New Old Skool. The project took three years from conception to completion and was released June, 2019. The album is a tribute to their musical roots, and was made in recognition of the community who encouraged, supported and shaped their musical spirit. The New Old Skool features 11 great songs that fans of R & B,Gospel, Pop, and Jazz will love.


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