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Coia - "Feel For You"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Feel For You” by Coia is a unique alt-pop tune exploring the desperation that comes with fighting for love and lacking the strength to continue. Lush with contrasting instruments and catchy melodies, this song is bound to hit listeners right in the heart, and get stuck in their heads.

One of the most interesting and immediately striking aspects of “Feel For You” is the colorful array of genres that the song dips into, adding a hint of just about everything into the powerful arrangement. The song begins with a bluesy guitar progression incorporating a bit of country twang in the slides of the notes. With emotive instrumental and vocal lines, the song seems to lament in a sort of 70s rock style reminiscent of The Eagles, yet the subtle sevenths added to chords give it a bit of soulful R&B influence, too. The big, acoustic drums further drive that edge of rock strength. Most effectively, Coia uses pop styles to write catchy melodies and allow the emotion of the lyrics to flourish:

“That's when she called me a memory

But pretty girls like her don't ever see me

She just wanna live inside a ghost that could never be…”

“Feel For You” continues to build and adapt as the story unfolds, the arrangement blossoming as the intensity of the song strengthens in the chorus. The lyrics explore the desire to fight for someone you love, but the disappointment that comes with falling short of that commitment. This desperation radiates through the track, especially within Coia’s vocals. His voice is raw and genuine as he almost pleads, asking,

“How can I love when the pain’s so strong? Tell me how can I feel for you…”

The emotion of the “Feel For You” continues to unfurl in the bridge, as the arrangement filters out for a broken-down reprise of the verse. Coia revisits the past verse lyrics, but through this restrained, quiet lens, the words take on an entirely new emotion.

Coia’s clever songwriting and dynamic composition techniques allow “Feel For You” to flourish. With so many unique, yet complementary influences melding together to create one catchy, striking song, “Feel For You” is one to remember.


About Coia

Coia is a Singer-Songwriter, Artist based out of Greensboro, North Carolina with alternative rock roots & refreshing hints of indie-pop. Coia combines the musical textures of Jason Mraz, with the vocal passion of artists such as Jon Foreman, Eddie Vedder, and John Mayer. Coia is currently touring the east coast on a self-made acoustic demo, Coia wrote and recorded the EP “Chasing EP,” which was released on October 9, 2020. The album features stand-out tracks such as “Til’ the Stars Come Down” and “Feel for You” that is sure to draw attention to this quickly growing music project. Coia's shows vary between solo, acoustic performances of Mike Coia, to larger concerts where he is backed by close friends and other talented musicians. Although Coia’s drive and love for music show in his music, it doesn’t overshadow his passion for why he plays it.

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