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Collective Bus - 'Take Time'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

The Collective Bus graces us with their new alternative rock single, "Take Time." A sweet acoustic guitar introduces the wistful melody as Daniel Correa whisks us away with his dreamy vocals. The rhythm section steadily picks-up the tempo as the drummer, David Hidalgo, and bassist, Aldo X, open up the somber pop groove. The keyboard comes in with a whirling sound effect as an ethereal wind sound effect embellishes the sorrowful melody in vocals. The Collective Bus performance is completely captivating with their dynamic sound and strong vocals.

Relationships are not easy, and sometimes we begin to grow apart from the people we love. "Take Time" is about two people needing to understand who they are in the present. There is a silent suffering that needs time to reflect, understand, and heal. "With these walls in our heads, let us not play pretend. That we're blind to this, that we can just sit and take time, take time."

The Collective Bus is a magnificent group of musicians who are heartfelt, impactful, and relatable. "Take Time" will move you long after you've heard the song. The mellow arrangement with it's engaging bassline, soft drums, wistful guitar melody, and rich vocals create a powerful song that explores complex emotions. The Collective Bus are innovative artists and skillful musicians with a beautiful and fervent musicality that is rare.Looking for a band to watch in 2021? Collective Bus in on the top of our list.

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About The Collective Bus

The Collective Bus, named after the Argentinian double-decker bus Colectivo, are an alternative rock outfit based in Miami, Florida. They have toured across the country with radio-hit songs(Don’t Stop, Fold it Back), opening for various former superstar (or known national headliner) acts.

Their music has been best described as ‘rock with an afro-cuban flair’ taking influence from performers like Angelique Kidjo and the DIY scene to bring a unique, high-octane show for anyone to enjoy.


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