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Craymo - 'Give Me Your Love'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Craymo is an award winning indie electronic pop singer/songwriter from Orlando Florida. He was a Finalist for US Male Songwriter of the Year(2020) and the ISSA Awards (International Singer/Songwriter Association Awards). His songs have been licensed in TV and Films. A great way to get acquainted with Craymo's talent is to check out his song, "Give Me Your Love."

An infectiously uplifting song with enthusiasm bursting at the seams, “Give Me Your Love” by Craymo is a hit in the making. The bass is grungy, with a fair amount of distortion that makes it stand out. The bass feels slightly behind the beat giving it groove, and the musicianship behind every note along with the drums gives the song a rock-solid foundation. The synths fulfill its' role perfectly by gluing the song together. The vocal performance is especially strong. It feels fiercely intimate and stays in front of the mix the entirety of the song, a staple of the pop genre.

Right from the get go, the catchy bass line (with a drop dead gorgeous tone) drags listeners into the verse. The verse is deceptively mellow, allowing the chorus to absolutely explode. With an engaging percussion section on full display in both the chorus and going into the second verse, there is evidence of some serious production chops here. Touching on that note, the pre-chorus is also exceptional, allowing the song to breath while building anticipation. The last chorus is a masterclass on how to end a song. Don’t be surprised if you catch your head bobbing furiously here. The rhythm section goes absolutely ballistic along with the passionate vocals, and the energy is akin to something you might feel at your favorite club on a Friday night.

The production and arranging choices made throughout the song are incredibly clever, allowing it to have a riveting narrative throughout its run. Slowing down where it needs to slow down, ramping up just when you’ve gotten a moment to adjust to the new instrumentation, “Give Me Your Love” is an outstanding achievement in songwriting.

The inspiration for the song comes from that magical feeling of connecting with somebody for the first time, and the lyrics also do a superb job illustrating that theme, “My mind has opened up again, I need to find a cuddle friend, I don't wanna be wild and free, I need you next to me, come on.”

Full of life and energy with a stellar production ethic, “Give Me Your Love” is a song that poses to be one of the sleeper hits of this summer.

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