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Crow Buntry – 'Whisky Dick Picnic'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Crow Buntry are an outlaw Country group from south of the badlands. Their music doesn't mind telling you that it sips a bit of whiskey and partakes in some doobie smoking so don't expect paint by the numbers this band; Crow Buntry delivers twists and turns and bumps on the dirt road of Country for an engaging and entertaining musical experience you won't soon forget. “Whiskey Dick Picnic” from Crow Buntry is an upbeat, witty, and surprisingly captivating tune that will grasp listeners attention from beginning to end. The song begins with bright, harmonic layers of electric guitar that get you into the swinging, honky tonk groove with catchy motifs backed by ambient acoustic strumming, bouncy percussion, and pedaled bass. The electric guitar lead takes the back seat as twangy vocals enter telling the tale of getting everything perfect to go on a first date.“After church I’ll pick you up / Momma’s quilt packed in the trunk / Beside your favorite deviled eggs” The lead singer has a down-to-earth voice that just sings it like it is.

Soon, the upbeat bouncy arrangement transitions to a legato instrumental section with a smooth guitar solo taking lead to add a stark contrast to the timbre of the prior arrangement. Layers of vocals then enter singing, “Oh, I missed it” repeating the phrase in a gradual build up before jumping right back into the high energy bouncy arrangement singing “Whiskey dick picnic” in the climactic finale of the tune.

Lyrically, "Whiskey Dick Picnic" can be interpreted in different ways. Literally, it's about planning a first date at a favorite picnic site. One could also read into the lyrics more to find a theme about good plans gone bad and missing out despite your best intentions.

Running at 2:50 this tune will engage listeners through its dynamic arrangement and funny story-telling dynamic. Crow Buntry bring on good times with songs that perk up your ears and your mood through brazen lyrics and bold music choices.

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