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Dan Wolff – ‘Flight 232’

Review by Matt Wong & Stafff

Dan Wolff and his band are an Americana/Roots-Rock group on the rise. Garnishing critical acclaim from the press and a growing fan-base, they have twice been declared ‘Washington DC’s Best Original Band,’ by The Washington City Paper Readers Poll. To date, Wolff has released 5 albums. He has toured in the U.S. and internationally. His song, "Flight 232" is about a love that was not meant to be.

“Flight 232” begins with a melodic guitar feature supported by drums, bass, and rhythm guitar. Wolff's smooth vocals enter shortly after on the first verse along with acoustic guitar. A slick guitar fill transitions the song into the second verse which brings in a delicate piano part to play against the melody.

The song builds up to the chorus, which blooms through contrasting rhythmic variation in the melody, taking full advantage of dynamics and excellent vocal production. Tasty guitar licks are the icy on the cake, and are sprinkled in to connect phrases. Coming out of the chorus, a burning, yet tasteful guitar solo takes over. The third verse is full of musical nuggets, from clean guitar arpeggios, to flowing fiddle lines. The song moves into the bridge, before suddenly pulling back in dynamics for the last chorus. This creates maximum impact for the final chorus as moments later, the song ramps back up to full dynamics, led in by a drum build up. The song ends with a thrilling guitar and fiddle feature.

The lyrics in “Flight 232” are based on a personal story about an infatuating romance that was not meant to be. The song begins with Wolff detailing the end of the relationship and how “she picked a fine time to tell me that her ticket was only one way.” The line that packs a punch at the top of the chorus is “she can’t see, what I’m going through, from 30,000 feet and gaining altitude.”

“Flight 232” is a well written song that is full of drive and attitude while telling a great story. Delivered by Wolff’s incredible vocal talents, the melody is memorable, and the lyrics bring out emotion in a way that will connect with fans of all genres. The arrangement serves the song well, and the musicianship that brought the song to life is stellar. "Flight 232" is a song that has everything. From excellent songwriting, to top notch guitar playing, "Flight 232" is hit from take-off to landing.

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