• Bryon Harris

Dantes – “Killer (feat. Seph)”

Dantès and Seph collaborated on the new “Black Lives Matter” remix of Dantès exciting dance single “Killer.” A heavy, funky, distorted baseline drives the track as crunchy digital synths bounce around the stereo image giving the arrangement space and depth.

Dantès’ vocals take the center stage kicking off the verses with silky smooth vocals with a slight airy timbre. With each passing vocal section, Dantès builds upon the engaging arrangement.

First, things pick up as the drumbeat evolves with crisp hi-hats adding a syncopated groove. Right before moving into the chorus, ethereal synths break into the track with pulsing chords that give the track a huge sound as he sings,

“Solitary brothers / Is there still a part of you that wants to live? / Solitary sister / Is there still a part of you that wants to give? / If we try / to live our lives / the way we wanna be.”

Ending the chorus with an exclamatory vocalese, the energy of the arrangement slightly backs down giving space for Seph to take the lead on the next verse showcasing his killer flow. Seph’s quick witted, wordy bars really get you feeling the beat, putting the cherry on top of this stellar dance groove.

With substance, style, and stellar production and vocals, this song gets high marks. Make sure to keep an ear out for Dantès other new singles as well as his debut album RNBWBRDGE which will hit retailers in December!

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About Dantès

Rocketing out of Chicago, Dantès is a rising star and multimedia threat. As a singer , songwriter , producer, Actor, dancer & Model, he is quickly becoming a household name. He is a House and R & B phenomenon that possesses an uncanny musical and vocal dexterity. Set to a timeless dance sound, that harkens back to the golden age of house music, Dantès music is highly memorable. His first music single, "Killer" (2019), streamed over 40k in a very short time. Since 2019, he has had multiple feature roles in two Showtime TV shows, Work in Progress and The Chi.