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Darien Martus – 'Africa'

Review by Saya Mochizuki & Staff

“Africa” by Darien Martus is a captivating rock anthem with an imaginative concept, painted with vivid and mysterious lyrics. Starting out simply with acoustic guitar and a lead vocal, the track transforms from a moody ballad to theatrical rock, combining an eclectic range of sounds and influences. From layers of chanting background vocals to a raging saxophone solo, there are plenty of surprising moments musically that add to the arrangement’s eccentricity and depth.

Instead of aiming for a conventional build up, the presence of each instrument clearly comes from an intentional choice—allowing the lyrics to speak louder in certain parts, or to fade into the background, contributing to the bigger picture. Martus has the voice of a wise storyteller, and his bold vocals add character to the song—an element that’s irreplaceable.

His lyrics beautifully bring nature and history to life. Great beasts can roam the ocean,

birds fly to the southern skies.” He creatively writes from the perspective of a man who’s one of the first to exist: “walking alone with the sound of my feet with this beautiful stone, I can build, I can sleep.”

Memorable and flowing with imagination, the songwriting of “Africa” is carefully thought out and blossoms through its intricate instrumentation. Its ambiance and detailed imagery transports you into the story’s world.


About Darien Martus

Darien Martus is an artist signed with Do It Records/Sony, is a voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards), and his albums, “Love in the Apocalypse” (2020, Do It Records/Sony), "Side Trip" (2016, Do It Records, CCP Records) and "Waldenwild" (2017, Do It Records) were listed for Grammy consideration.

Darien’s upcoming project, “Rockaxeon” is a rock epic poem, with a story that spans the history of our planet from the perspective of The Rose Quartz Ax. Rockaxeon is due to be released on October 1, 2021.

Darien's album "Pockets" charted at #1 Amazon Hot New Releases in Folk/Rock and #3 In Sales in June 2014.

Darien's album "Waldenwild" charted at #5 Amazon Hot New Release in Folk in July, 2017.

His 9th commercial album, "Love in the Apocalypse" was released on 6/24/20 and is available everywhere music is sold or streamed. “An impressive pop album...highly recommended.” On Request Magazine

Darien is from Detroit where he studied piano as a child and received a BA in Music from Oakland University. After moving to Los Angeles, Darien worked in theatre, film and television as a composer, arranger, musical director and pianist. In 2000, he completed a Master of Music in Composition at University of Redlands. He has received several awards for his work including the Bay Area Drama Critics Award for Outstanding Musical Score (Some Love), University of Redlands Composer of the Year, and 5 Desert Theatre League Awards including Best Original Musical (The Incredibly Awesome Pied Piper).

Darien lives and works in his home in Idyllwild, in the mountains of Southern California. All of his music is produced in his home studio, ChipAbbey.

9 of Darien's albums are available at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and most other online music retailers.

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