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Darla Z - Merry Christmas

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Jazzy and resonant piano chords mixed with laid-back lounge style crooning fill the air as I take in the first few seconds of “Merry Christmas” by singer-songwriter Darla Z.

This gentle holiday number conjures up images of returning home after a long Christmas Day and unwinding in front of the fireplace. The approach, as well as the instrumentation, is pleasantly Jazz. The expertly executed stand-up bass lines blend with gentle brushes across the snare drum and bring a very captivating swing to the chord progressions and slow tempo. The cherry on top of it all is the enchanting vocals.

Darla’s vocals are soothing and earnest with a vibrato that is so even and consistent that it gives a hypnotic effect the longer you listen.

True to most holiday song themes, the lyrical content revolves around Darla’s observations of people during this time of the year. People seem to be friendlier and kinder to each other, as depicted in lyrics such as…

“And may the Christmas spirit be

in your heart for all to see

kind words or a smile, that’s the key

remember there are those who may need to know

it’s just a feeling, down deep in your soul

feel Christmas, feel it’s magic of love


The mix is very warm and just the right amount of ambience to create a mood that is both peaceful and welcoming. The instruments are very well played and the sonic image just envelopes you without beating you over the head as a great Jazz mix should.

Overall, “Merry Christmas” is some much-needed medicine for those running around during these crazy times. A much-needed reminder to take a few minutes, grab a hot toddy and let the music wash over you.


About Darla Z

Darla Z began her on-stage musical career in 2005, opening in concert for Willie Nelson. Since 2005, Darla Z has performed and headlined in Las Vegas numerous times, opened in concert for Wayne Newton in 2007, and starred in three nationally released network television specials filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, having prime time broadcasts throughout the U.S. She has performed successful benefit concerts for numerous charities, including Oklahoma City University, Pepper's Ranch Foster Care Community, the Oklahoma History Center, and Oklahoma Prevent Blindness.

Darla Z has also appeared in concert as the legendary Gap Band's special guest artist and recorded and co-wrote the music with the legendary platinum record producer/songwriter Ronnie Wilson. Among those who recognize Darla Z's vocals are extraordinary, is the internationally celebrity web site Radar Online who published this review of Darla Z's Love Songs Round the World television special stating,

"Acclaimed singer Darla Z... with yet another fantastic tv music special!"

John Avildsen, the famed Academy Award Winning Director of Rocky, wrote about Darla Z that "Darla's voice is nectar to the ears!" About Darla Z's appearance as special guest for The Gap Band, Ronnie Wilson, Founder of The Gap Band stated

"... Darla's unique vocals put her up there with the great ones…her show was phenomenal!"

Darla Z was featured three times on Radar Online's "Hot 100" list, being named No 1 on the list.

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