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Darla Z - 'With Trust Comes Peace'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

A swirl of symbols, gorgeous fingerpicking guitar, and rich orchestration commence this beautiful. inspirational song written by Darla Zhudi (Darla Z). The song's lush musical landscape is performed by the Music Director, Paul Badia, who plays keys, and legendary bass player Bob Sachs. Engineer and Co-producer Chuck Foley is on guitars. The song was co-produced by Darla Z and Ronnie Wilson (famed Producer/Founder of The Gap Band) and Engineer, Chuck Foley (Head of UNLV's recording studio). With a star-studded lineup of talent, Darla Z shines on her song, "With Trust Comes Peace."

Opening the first verse, Darla sings, "Silence surrounds me, I fervently pray comfort falls on my spirit, dark thoughts go away," Darla's vocals are pristine. Her expressive and inviting vocal tone adds a layer of warmth over the mix that melts the soul. The musical landscape makes room for Darla's vocals to breathe as she expertly gives the song's phrasing ebb and flow.

The arrangement to "With Trust Comes Peace" is stunning. The combination of organic guitar fingerpicking, delicate keys, rich bass, and sweet and soaring strings moves the heart. The percussion adds delicate nuance while harmonies are placed with perfection. The overall feeling of the arrangement is ethereal and uplifting.

"With Trust Comes Peace" is about letting go of your fears and giving them to God. It is about trusting that God is always with you.

"God gives love that is constant and I must never fear to trust Him with my worries for He will always hear. Love in abundance, it’s a gift that is so sweet. He is my lifeline, for with trust comes peace. for with trust comes peace."

"With Trust Comes Peace" is a very poignant song that replaces fear with hope. It is also a timeless song that will inspire people for many years to come. With it's gorgeous melody, beautiful arrangement, and pristine production, "With Trust Comes Peace" has all the makings of a classic inspirational song. With her beautiful voice, Darla moves the soul to a place of peace and harmony.

About Darla Z

Darla Z began her on stage musical career in 2005 opening for Willie Nelson. Since 2005, she has performed and headlined in Las Vegas numerous times, opened in concert for Wayne Newton multiple times, and starred in three nationally released public television specials filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has also performed numerous successful benefit concerts for charitable organizations.

Darla Z's co-written, co-produced, and recorded songs with Ronnie Wilson, founder of The Gap Band and has been the Gap Band’s special guest artist. She has been featured three times on Radar Online’s “Hot 100" list, being named No 1 on the list.

Darla was also chosen by the Oklahoma History Center and Patti Page’s family to perform Patti Page’s most beloved songs in numerous concerts throughout Oklahoma.

Darla Zuhdi is also the author of four published children’s books in a the Cat Detectives series for kids, aged 7 and up. Finding Your Dream, the first in the series, is recommended by The Humane Society of the United States.

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