Darryl Anders AgapeSoul - "Nobody But You"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Nobody but You” is a super groovy and serenely sensual song. It wastes no time in getting its groove on and you’ll be moving around naturally while listening. There is something so smooth about this song, from the vocals to the bass player who is having a blast in their performance. The harmony is quite complex and keeps “Nobody but You” interesting and fresh for its almost 5-minute run time. This is feel-good music that will remind you of the one you’re in love with, or it will inspire you to go and find that special person.

Lyrically, Darryl Anders and Sundra Manning are writing about that special thing called love. However, they are specifically reflecting on the kind of love that is truly mature and authentic. The lyrics of the first verse are very interesting as they are acknowledging people outside of their romance. They are writing about those who get jealous because their love is so real and so true.

“People are talking, they’re wasting their time, making their business what’s yours and mine, they got nothing else to do ‘cause they don’t love nobody like you.”

The lyrics also employ really beautiful imagery to showcase how powerful love can be.

“When I was lost you showed me the light, you took my heart and it made it all alright.”

The arrangement is absolute fire and is simultaneously busy and steady, maintaining an uninterrupted sense of flow from start to finish. The organ mixed right in the center blends so perfectly with the guitars, it sounds as if the guitar notes are gently popping in and out of this central organ sound. Fluctuating beneath these mid-range instruments is a languid bass that has such a strong sense of groove. The bass combined with the drums creates an undeniable catchy beat that is so sexy and fun. All of the instrumentals provide a wonderful foundation for Maysa Leak’s silky-smooth vocals. Whether she is singing low or high, soft or loud, her voice maintains that sweet and fluid sound. “Nobody but You” is love-making music folks, and it feels damn good.

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About Darryl Anders AgapeSoul

AgapeSoul is driven by Anders’ singular musical vision to create a positive listening experience. Anders says “The name AgapéSoul comes from the Greek word Agape- meaning God’s unconditional love, and Soul- the place within us where music comes from. It also reflects the style of music I feel most connected to”.

“Nobody But You” ft. Maysa Leak is the title track from the upcoming AgapeSoul EP. It’s a song that reflects the joy of authentic and enduring grown-up love, delivered by one of the greatest voices in both soul and jazz. The music is a vibrant funky and feel-good groove that will have your soul dancing. Maysa transforms the lyric and tells a story that everyone can relate to.

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