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David Britton – ‘Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Love Rescue Me'

view By Matt Wong & Staff

David Britton’s mashup of the gospel song “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” and “Love Rescue Me” by U2 begins with piano and organ. The piano, with its beautiful tone and mixed with a nice reverb carries the comping duties, as the organ blends itself into the arrangement with pads.

Britton’s beautiful and rich vocals enter with the first verse. His grand baritone voice sits nicely in the mix and is mesmerizing to listen to. The second verse introduces more motion to the song, as the bass, drums, and acoustic guitar enter, followed by lush strings. The song reaches peak dynamics and energy when the electric guitar, with a nice tone plays on the down beat chords on the “Love Rescue Me” section. The arrangement is well-conceived and performed.

Listeners familiar with “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” will enjoy singing along to Britton’s rendition. From “Love Rescue Me,” Britton sings beginning with “Yea, though I walk” until right before “Sha la la, sha la la la.” The transitions and melding of music flow seamlessly.

“Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Love Rescue Me” by David Britton is a brilliant mashup of a gospel and a rock song. The U2 song, now sung by Britton in the gospel style seamlessly transitions from “Precious Lord” as if they were one song. The transition is almost unnoticed as Britton leaves listeners enchanted with his out of this world vocal ability.

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As an additional treat, please listen to David Britton's version of the Leonard Cohen classic, "Hallelujah" In this version, Britton adds a bridge that speaks of Jesus Christ “stepping out of his mighty throne into our broken world” and taking on the burden of our pain and sin. The word Hallelujah itself means “God be praised,”and the final verse states that there may be times when we feel an utter sense of failure, and all we can do is cry out in praise: “Even though it went all wrong, I’ll stand before the Lord of song, with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah!” A gorgeous orchestration and crying guitar solo grace the track as Britton's expressive vocals soar to new heights.

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About David Britton

Songwriter and world class Baritone David Britton’s musical and personal backgrounds are as unique with an eclectic combination of influences and experiences that have shaped the unmistakable and powerful sound he is known for today. David's style blends complex rock orchestration with big vocals, often backed by a gospel choir. Raised abroad by missionary parents, David first developed his passion for music and diverse cultural styles while traveling with them around the world, learning Dutch, Italian, French, and German along the way. David eventually discovered his love for opera while studying voice at Westmont College where he was also a drummer in a rock band, and continued refining his vocal skills post grad, earning his Master’s in Vocal Performance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. With over twenty roles in his catalog, David has sung at opera houses and concert halls around the world, including Carnegie Hall in the world premiere of The Dawn of Japan with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. Now residing with his family in Phoenix, AZ, David has released four albums, most recently, The Storm, a reflection on the human condition and an expression of the daily physical, mental, emotional or spiritual battles we face. “The Storm” was created as an attempt to embrace that very real struggles exist in the world while also acknowledging that despite that pain, there can be moments of real peace and tranquility.


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