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David Starling - "Cowards"

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

David Starling's new single, “Cowards,” begins with acoustic guitar playing gentle strums to set up the song’s contemplative vibe. The first verse introduces Starling’s heartfelt vocals, along with a second complimentary acoustic guitar that adds nice texture to the existing acoustic part. Near the end of the verse, a cymbal swell adds color to the arrangement and guides in the bass to give the song its low end foundation. The arrangement scales back to a lone acoustic guitar after Starling hits the title lyric. "Well one thing I have learned is how hard and fast we fall, when money's making cowards of us all."

The arrangement moves forward with more depth and a pronounced tambourine part that helps lock in the groove. Background vocals are also introduced in this verse bringing out even more emotion from the listener. A gentle, yet uplifting instrumental section follows. This is a nice arrangement choice as it brings in the listener and creates an intimate listening experience. The instrumentation returns for the final verse to give the song a rush of emotion, and the song ends with a tag.

The lyrics in “Cowards” were inspired by a personal story. A confession in song form, Starling sings about how he made questionable decisions in his life due to money holding power over him. Lyrics such as “It's hard to rest at night with the answers that I draw, that money's making cowards of us all” highlights the reality that one does not know how well their morals hold up until they are faced with compromising their values for financial benefit.

“Cowards” by David Starling is a song that stops listeners in their tracks with an invitation to reflect upon your choices. The lyrics are honest and the beautifully composed melody helps listeners to connect on a deep level. Starling’s mesmerizing vocals, framed by a simple, yet stellar arrangement is the icing on the cake to a top notch piece of music. Connect on Facebook Listen on Spotify

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About David Starling David Starling is an Alternative-Country singer/songwriter from a small rural town just south of Tallahassee, Florida. A lifelong musician, he co-founded Slow Low Crow, a band who was well-established in the local music scene. Afterwards, David began working on his own original songs that didn’t fit the band’s direction. In 2019, after committing to alcoholism recovery, he began recording his upcoming album. Dealing songs in traditional country and folk music that feature lyrics written by and for the modern rural experience, David Starling's debut album, Mondegreen, will be released December 2020.


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