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DB Kinney - 'Out of Daylight'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

Out of Daylight” is an intense and gripping piece of music. A pensive chord progression and a driving rhythm create a sense of urgency and passion in this song. The vocal take is expressive and insistent. A nod to the timeless sound of indie-rock, this tune seems to contain an inherent significance. The energy of the instrumental performances is phenomenal, and the overall result of the song is an infectious energy.

Lyrically, Out of Daylight” explores themes of perseverance and endurance. “hear it now as the feelings turn to thunder, reason why this tide it pulls you under, only when the faces start to sing, turns on and winds up this whole damn thing.” The passionate energy of the music combines perfectly with the lyrical content. “have you run out of daylight on your own, feeling the tide pulling home, you’ve run out of daylight all alone, but nothing stops me getting on.” The earnest vocal delivery injects these lyrics with meaning.

The arrangement of Out of Daylight” is amazingly effective. The cohesion between rhythm section instruments is fantastic, combining to create a wave of excitement in the music. The harmonic development from verse to chorus is brilliant, resulting in a huge emotional payoff. Vocal takes are engaging and confident. Overall, Out of Daylight” is an inspiring and uplifting song that you’ll want to hear again and again.

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About DB Kinney

DB Kinney is an American singer-songwriter and musician. His first release, Blind Side Mirror, has been described as, “Melodically rich, radio friendly, quite infectious and catchy acoustic-driven alt-rockin’ jam that goes down smooth. I’ve listened to this song enough times to lose count and something about it just keeps growing on me.” – Josh Smotherman, Indie Music Directory “A bright and colorful rock EP. The debut focuses on heart-felt lyrics of love and loss, bitter-sweet memories and relationships.” – Jay Freeman, Divide and Conquer music

“The melodic guitar leads the way, laying down a cozy fabric. The emotive vocals draw the listener into the story with a warm embrace. The tight rhythm pocket keeps the listener on pace and engaged. you find yourself taking a nice deep breath after to bring yourself back to reality.” – Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

Currently, the band is performing club dates in the New England area. Performing solo-acoustic, as a duo or power-trio, DB Kinney’s eclectic musical tastes transcends the mundane into an energetically charged yet dynamically heart-felt rock performance.

For more information on DB Kinney, please visit his website.


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