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Deanna DeMola - 'Next Generation'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

The W.A M. Awards celebrate the year’s most outstanding independent artists from around the world in multiple genres and categories. "Best Song" and "Best Album" nominations were based on Artistry, Musicianship, Originality, Professionalism, Diversity, and Excellence. W.A.M. stands for "We Are the Music Makers.' Deanna DeMola's song "Next Generation" was the 2020 W.A.M. Award Winner for HerSong Female Artist of the Year.

“Next Generation” is an absolute flex of quality production values. The song slowly oozes to life from the beginning swell. Fantastic audio effects gradually bring the sonic picture together from all four corners. A spacy rhythm track sits in an airy, floating space over which DeMola smoothly applies the melody. Vocals are layered together very nicely and utilize harmonies, background “ooh”s and response vocals to create a killer sound for a massive chorus. DeMola comes off as confident and relaxed, yet passionate in her message.

Lyrically, “Next Generation” is a call to action for today’s youth. We’re free, we’re the next generation, and the music is our salvation, we’re gonna give it all, casue we’re all we got now, right now.” This song encourages the new generation to remain true to their inner voices and also offers critiques of the status quo: “In a world designed to kill our creativity, Cleanse our brains through your fictional reality, I doubt you’ll be the one who saves the day.”

There is an undeniable coolness to “Next Generation.” The sonic atmosphere it creates is ultra modern and embraces cutting edge pop sensibilities. Fine craftsmanship went into the production of this song and creates an incredibly smooth and enjoyable product. Listeners will fall in love with DeMola’s vocal deliveries and a hooky chorus that will have you singing along. “Next Generation” belongs in regular rotation on major radio.

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About Deanna DeMola

Deanna DeMola is a Singer/Songwriter from Long Island whose music invokes an Alternative Pop style in her lyrics and performances. Influenced by Billie Eilish, Paramore, Halsey, her songs address personal and social challenges that have a very broad appeal and that she has had to overcome in order to maintain her strength and attain her goals. A few years ago, Deanna began to struggle with depression and anxiety. She felt lost and hopeless, and these feelings only grew over time. Eventually, she found solace in singing and playing music. Music gave her a voice to share her emotions and experiences. Currently, Deanna has finished working in the studio with Songwriter and Producer Jimmy Greco (Carlos Santana / Paramore / Jennifer Lopez / Train) on her debut EP, Under Construction. It includes six heartfelt original songs that represent her journey as an artist. She is currently writing and recording new music with Jimmy Greco & has recently released her latest enhanced lyric video & single "NEXT GENERATION" which is available NOW on all digital & streaming services Be sure to follow Deanna on her social media pages (@deannademola) for more information about upcoming music releases, performances, videos, and more As her videos go viral, Deanna is reaching her goals and the sky is the limit.


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