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Detroit Illharmonic - 'Santa’s Got a Brand New Cadillac'

Review by Daniel Hoyt & Staff

"Santa’s Got a Brand New Cadillac,” by the Detroit Illharmonic is a Christmas song that really plays like a mix between funk music, hip-hop and classic 60's pop with a little video game music thrown in for fun. Samples and riffs take center stage and drive the song forward with intense energy. It’s got this hip-hop electric beat in it, mixed with a little bit of a funky rhythm, topped off with sparse lyrics sung in the chorus that all come together for a highly unique sound.

The lyrics of "Santa’s Got a Brand New Cadillac" are entertaining, fun and simple.

"Santa's got a brand new Cadillac and he's rolling With your mother."

During the holiday season, every playlist needs an upbeat tune that people can have fun with. This song will lighten up your party and get folks smiling, dancing and having a great time. In "Santa’s Got a Brand New Cadillac," Santa is "the man" as he's got a great ride and he's got the girl.

The inspiration behind this song was to create a fun and funky Christmas tune for people to dance to and The Detroit Illharmonic did just that. "Santa’s Got a Brand New Cadillac" is a head-bopping, stereo pumping, Christmas dance tune that is one heck of a holiday ride!

“Santa's Got a Brand New Cadillac” To Sir On National Indie Radio


About Detroit Illharmonic

The Detroit Illharmonic Symphony initially formed in 2001 to create music for an animated TV show. Mixing live classical, and rock instruments (cello, piano, bass, guitars, synthesizers, trumpet, saxophone and drums) with hip hop techniques (samples and turntables), the group has created a new and unique sound.

While the group’s line up constantly changes, it usually consists of cello, bass, violin, er hu, piano, trumpet, turntables, guitar, drums percussion, in addition to assorted vocalists and intriguing political samples. 

In 2014, their film for "It's a Lovely Day" toured with the 50th anniversary re-release of The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, screening in 20 cities across the US.  Although they are called The Detroit Illharmonic Symphony, the group is based in Los Angeles rather than the Motor City. Group members are from all over the world which contributes heavily to their extremely unique sound.

For more Information on The Detroit Illharmonic, please visit their website.

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