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Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever® - 'Happy Friday'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Happy Friday,” from the album There's Time Between The Bridge And The Water, is a cheerful, upbeat rockin' song with a phenomenal arrangement. The beginning of the song starts with snazzy rock drums, electric guitar, and bass guitar. Rolling piano is heard throughout giving the song a lively neighborhood barroom feel. Sax solos add fire. Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever® demonstrate a very clever and fun approach that keeps your ears engaged, your feet on the dance-floor, and a smile on your face.

The musicianship on "Happy Friday" is second-to-none. Don McAvoy plays electric rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals. His tenor range and smooth, natural vocals are reminiscent of the great radio crooners from the past as he adds a swinging, cool nostalgic rock n' roll touch. Mike McAvoy is the band's drummer and Marc Arot plays bass guitar. The rhythm section is tight and in-the-pocket. Steve Bauer plays the keyboards giving the song pizzazz. Tim Garton plays alto and tenor saxophones. His solos will knock your socks off. Check out the video of "Happy Friday" to catch the spirit!

“Happy Friday” is a catchy-as-hell song about the weekend finally arriving; it's time to kick back and enjoy the jam! This song has a contagious sing-along vibe with easy-to-relate-to lyrics that will get stuck in your head; you may find yourself singing "Happy Friday" seven days a week.

"Good news accepted here, well the weekend's finally here. I'm gonna do all I want. I'm gonna do all I love. I'm gonna do all I want. I'm gonna do all I love. HEY "

The song's message is about taking risks, ignoring nay-sayers, and celebrating life whether you win or lose the game. “Happy Friday” is arranged perfectly and the end result is a funky, fun and fantastic weekend blast of a rock n' roll song. Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever® are unique in every sense of the word. They are also unbelievably talented. You don't find music like this everyday so add them to your playlist. There's Time Between The Bridge And The Water contains 23 songs that vary in genre and style; there's something for everyone and you will never be bored.


About Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever®

Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever® consist of 1) an Irish/Polish/Catholic prolific singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has written 2500 original songs and is the son of a US Marine, and 2) an agnostic, sarcastic, politically incorrect, bespectacled, Italian/German bass player and 3) a newlywed drummer with an encyclopedic memory and a huge collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

Ribsy Records recording artists Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever® features the talents of: Don McAvoy (songwriter, lead vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, husband, father, dog-owner, legal eagle); Marc Arot (bass guitarist, vocalist, husband of a school teacher, annoying uncle, project manager); Mike McAvoy (drummer, percussionist, vocalist, newlywed, movie and music aficionado, person who has the memory of an elephant); plus a revolving door of family and friends who guest star in the studio and on the stage and put the ''Whatever'' in "The Great Whatever®."

For more information on Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever®, please visit their website.

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