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Drugs for Guns - "Heads or Tails"

Review by Aaron Cloutier

“Heads Or Tails” from UK based artist “Drugs For Guns” is without a doubt, a high energy slab of electronica that gets in your face and simply won’t be ignored. All the usual trappings of the genre are represented to great effect here. From the atmospheric synths and cello to the intense driving beats and intense digitized instrumentation. There is also a handful of repeating sound bites that serve to enhance the music’s already cinematic quality. In my mind, I’m immediately drawn into a car chase scene in Tokyo or some fictional city from the future a la blade runner as I listen through.

The mix sounds HUGE. With lots of intense low and high end that punches you in the chest with great separation of instruments all around. Everything here is well balanced and well represented within the parameters of the genre. The sonic image of the song is immersive and again, intense but without being too much in the sense of frequencies being too harsh or too muddy. If you’re into this style of music, it will get you moving.

What sticks out to me the most I think is the overall message depicted in the artist bio.

“This is not about riots, smashing up infrastructure, throwing away your possessions. This is not about anarchy as that will just end up putting power in other bullies' hands albeit this time they will not be wearing Pinstripe suits. A utopia of an anti-capitalist sharing world is a fight for another day!”

“What this is about is saving our place on this planet. Making Government and Corporations accountable for all the unethical things they do whether that be environmental or economic. We must strive to get an ego, greed, and self-serving rhetoric out of all government.”

I find this to be an incredibly refreshing alternative to the typical themes of anarchy that you might hear by similar artists in the genre. “Drugs For Guns” takes more of a “big picture” perspective and offers a window into a mindset that is forward-thinking and rooted in realism.

“Heads Or Tails” in my opinion makes for the perfect driving song. Be sure to load this one up in your Bluetooth speaker before you get on the road.

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