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Dustin McKamie - "Creature!"

Review by Reagan March & Staff

Can Dustin McKamie be the next big name in the mainstream music industry? McKamie’s talent is quite evident through his professional sound and lyricism in his new song, “Creature!”. His classic 80’s pop sound immediately catches the ear of the listener as intensity builds throughout the song keeping the listener captivated.

The unique synths and sound effects throughout the bridge of the piece are what truly make McKamie’s musicianship stand out. Let alone the instrumental part of the piece, McKamie’s mysterious tone is intriguing. The evolving dynamics and unique storyline make this song have its originality.

Through the lyrics, You fell for the silent type, now you look at me like a vice” and “I know you dreamed of Jesus, but I’ve stepped in darker water”, the listener is eased into the storyline of the song that explains how one might find it hard loving someone so different, but it is simultaneously desirable. When you fall in love, sometimes you do not know who you are loving until it is too late, but at that point you cannot stop, because you see the beauty in their “creature”.

The overall fullness and eerie tone of the piece make it a great spooky listen! The very relatable story expressed in the piece also makes it perfect for anyone who has had a similar experience in the game of love.

“Creature!” gives listeners a great first impression into Dustin McKamie’s musical talent, striking originality, and one-of-a-kind style.

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About Dustin McKaime

Originating from the midwest, Dustin McKamie is an American singer/songwriter who has made a living as an artist in the Los Angeles area. Most notably, Dustin's visual effects artistry can be seen on hit TV shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, Westworld, and AMC’s The Walking Dead (to name a few). When he’s not busy making dragons fly and killing zombies, he is writing and recording music.

After spearheading different bands, playing over 100 live shows, and touring the country, Dustin is no stranger to the music scene. Just recently he was acknowledged as a winning finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. In 2011 he was a winning finalist for a contest put on through Universal Pictures to be placed on the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World blu-ray. His song was hand-picked by director Edgar Wright and voted to win by the public.

Dustin released his first single, "CREATURE!" on Oct. 30th 2020 which has already received rave reviews. With a new EP on the way, Dustin's songs have emotionally charged lyrics that cut through an atmosphere of 80's inspired electronic beats and synth-wavy sounds. Bedroom Indie rock pop at it's finest with influences of The Postal Service, Bleachers, and The Smiths.


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