• Bryon Harris

Echoheart - 'Life Until'

Echoheart is a dynamic two-piece pop-rock band from Rockville, Maryland. The duo consists of two young twenty-something artists: singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marina Heathon and drummer, percussionist, Pablo Hanna. The duo just released their latest EP - 'Life Until.'

The great thing about indie music is that every once in a while you find a band that really speaks to you in a language and musical style that you can relate to. Echoheart is that kind of band. Their journal-like open-book lyrics set to guitar and drum driven tracks draws you into their world of personal message and music. Their new 5-song EP, 'Life Until" presents fives songs with emotional edge and energy. The EP's opening track "Void" tackles the onset of depression."Now the days go so slow, and I feel so alone. And all I have is my voice and these bones. I drag them to work, no matter what hurts." Musically the song really jams with Pablo Hannan's fine percussion skills and Marina leading a chant of "whoa's" that makes it easy to join in.

Echoheart delivers raw experiences while keeping their songs upbeat and fun to listen to. This duality is tough to pull off and they do it very well. It's refreshing to hear a band that doesn't wallow in musical despair, but rather celebrates unresolved emotional complexities to music you can get up and move to. Track Two "Let Me Know" displays this duality in a song that talks about being alone and feeling hopeless. "My friends are all past tense, I'm still wondering when it will all start to make sense." The chorus is a winner, very contagious and well-written.

"Honey have your heard the news? I haven't slept in days. I'm think I'm in trouble. I've been analyzing everything." Mariana delivers a stellar performance in the third track, "Introspective" about being too self-critical. The song is the perfect mid-point to the EP bringing the band's full expression front and center with passionate singing and playing.

The fourth track "Too Much To Say" changes things up with a mid-tempo rock ballad with great melodic content that slides off the track with plenty of attitude. Marina's vocal performance is chilling, in a good way, as she stretches her range and dynamics full force. The song takes the band into classic rock territory with a thicker wall of sound and they shine brilliantly. There's a lot of rocker in Marina and she sounds great. You'll be hitting repeat on this song.

The last track "Until Then" is equally mesmerizing. "Hoping for absolution or comic retribution," Marina belts out. Another rock-anthem for the twenty-something generation, "Until Then" is a home run. Electric guitar solos are welcome in the mix. Marina is so soulful, you can picture her at the mic.

Echoheart is raw and real which makes them kind of radical in today's music scene. Check out their website or visit them on Spotify. #Echoheart #EchoheartLifeUntil #Pleasepasstheindie #MusicReviewBlog #BWHMusicGroup