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Elii - Unknown

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Unknown” is an atmospheric EDM/Trance style song that has an incredible sense of mood. This is the kind of music that you can immediately get lost in as it enraptures your mind with imagery and emotion. The sound design feels inspired by 80’s synths and “shoegaze” music. The strong beat combined with the vocals helps “Flow Unknown” tap deep into your soul and it’s a very catchy song.

Lyrically, Elii is singing about relationships that also serve as your guide in life as well as your reward. He ambiguously sings about this, keeping it vague enough so that many listeners can relate to the lyrics easily. Elii reflects on how even in a great relationship, our minds can’t help but crave more, never being fusatiated.

“Still I want more I’m seeking you.”

Elii gives a beautiful reminder in the lyrics about how new love can be so surprising and reawaken us.

“You showed me, love, I never knew, I can do everything with you.”

The synths of “Unknown” have a wonderful washy and hazy vibe to them and they have such a strong sense of atmosphere. The arpeggiator bass holds down the low end along with the electronic percussion. Both the synth bass and electronic percussion are thick and have a lot of bite to them in the mix. This makes for a strong rhythmic section giving the song its robust sense of groove. Eli's voice is very warm and emotive. It has a slight robotic tinge to it, helping it blend aptly with all the synths and electronic percussion. “Flow Unknown” is an inspiring and emotional synth track that is as catchy as it is airy.


About Elii

Elii is a very dynamic singer, songwriter, and Mc who has made hit after hit proving that he is here to stay. The self proclaimed father of spiritual-melodic-pop, Elii makes positive music with haunting choruses and amazing flow-over, addictive beats which include reggaetón, dance, and even elements of hip hop.

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