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Elizmi Haze – "I Don’t Care"

Written by Brandon Watts and Staff

“I Don’t Care” is a radio-ready hit brimmed with top-notch production and stellar vocals that you will fall in love with. The arrangement opens with washed, melodic synth motifs accompanied by deep, pitch-altered vocals for a brief introduction before the start of the first verse.

Everything then drops out with the entrance of a powerful, grungy, sub-bass and Elizmi grips listeners, serenading them with sassy lead vocals and layers of soulful background vocals that add sweet depth and harmony. As the verse progresses, the production gradually builds back up with a tight hip-hop style beat and reintroduction of the lead synth motifs.

Elizmi’s eclectic vocal style brings listeners through memorable pop melodies, soulful harmonies, and energetic raps all throughout one song keeping listeners engaged as she seamlessly blends these styles together. Elizmi's current work focuses to mental health along with gaining your inner confidence. "I Don't Care" describes the feeling of just giving up on fake friendships and relationships.

"So what’s your problem your the victim you love em And the drama you want some Well good luck cos I’m done Caring Sharing"

“I Don’t Care” is well-produced, catchy, and empowering song with an absolutely stellar vocal performance from Elizmi that you will want to hear again and again. This track is a glimpse from her upcoming debut album “BI POLAR” so make sure to keep an ear out for any updates. Elizmi is a 2021 Artist to Watch.

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About Elizmi Haze

Born in Kent in the UK, brought up in mainland Spain.

Elizmi has fire, she proves every day that she is more than she was made to feel about herself from an early age.

Determined to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams borne from her childhood pain and exclusion. Bullied and abused she has never stopped reaching for her goals. With such a spontaneous energy that defines her stylised original vocal. Her lustful, daring and sometimes lustful lyrics are drawn from her life experiences.

Blessed with a naturally good tone, a knack for a hook and her powerful raps, leave the listeners hooked to her flow.

Elizmi wishes to redefine what's possible within the music industry. Having now three awards for her songwriting and performances of "Magical" released in Jan 2019 and having most of her tracks played on BBC's Introducing and BBC1 Xtra Radio stations all over the UK, Elizmi's music is slowly beginning to make a mark.

With her gigging regularly in London and surrounding areas last year and her music being played all over the world, she was planning to break through this year. Unfortunately due to Corvid 19 her buzz has become a bit quiet. But she has lots of plans in the works to make sure you all get a good buzzing your ears...


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