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Elliot Wren - "Girl In The Flower Patch"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Girl in the Flower Patch” is a mellow yet intense musical statement. The concise and highly effective vocal hook will draw you into the world of this song. An intricate arrangement and ultra-competent instrumental performances create a rich texture over which the lead vocal carves out a unique and well-defined expressive delivery. Sensitive and reflective, this is a moving song that will elicit a pleasantly emotional response in listeners.

Lyrically, “Girl in the Flower Patch” is poetic and romantic.

“The wind starts to twirl and for the first time, I am lost in the moonlight I swear.”

The earnest vocal delivery of this song injects these lyrics with a quiet passion.

“Secrets we told only to the moon, Secrets we’ll take to the grave, We’re just two girls on the verge of something new, But I never knew I’d be this brave.”

Wren does a fantastic job of creating a feeling of secrecy while simultaneously inviting listeners in.

The arrangement of “Girl in the Flower Patch” is well-crafted and supports the narrative arc of the song perfectly. The rhythmic confluence of acoustic strumming and subtle yet ornamental drum set playing strikes a great balance of being “driving” without overpowering the song. The use of an electric keyboard, toy piano, strings, and melodica creates a powerful sonic pallet. The dynamic swells are expertly done, falling for choruses yet steadily building throughout the song. “Girl in the Flower Patch” is a great song that will take you on an emotional ride.


About Elliot Wren

Elliot Wren is a pop indie singer-songwriter from the Boston area. They identify as non-binary & use they/them pronouns.

Elliot has been writing for over ten years, with their biggest influences being Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Avril Lavigne, Melanie Martinez, Miley Cyrus & Alexi Blue. Now 20 years old, Elliot Wren has already established themselves as a respected independent artist in Boston, performing with other local artists & organizing singer-songwiter events. In 2019, they performed in over 40 tour stops with All You Got Tour for performers aged 24 and under, and performed at First Night Boston.

Their freshman and sophomore singles, RIP My Diary and Good Luck were greeted with overwhelmingly positive praise from multiple publications for their raw lyrical style and expressive sound.

Their newest single, “Girl In The Flower Patch” will be available on all streaming platforms on 8/20/2. This new song is a brand new vibe for Elliot and leans more on the folky story telling genre. They also have their sights set on an album release in early 2022.

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