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Elyse Aeryn – 'Salt'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

“Salt” by Elyse Aeryn showcases her undeniable artistry through a stellar sound reminiscent of the great pop singer-songwriters of the 90’s with a modern 2020 production touch. A soft strumming of acoustic guitar is accompanied by a steady bass line all backed by a tight and crisp drum beat that gives the arrangement the sensibility of a hit song. Radio-ready compositional elements are heard throughout the track.

The spotlight, however, is on Aeryn’s vocals that grace the track with a soft, lush timbre that glides through the dynamic phrases, captivating listeners as she swaps between head and chest voice. Throughout the verses, Aeryn somberly reminisces on a summer relationship singing,

"The taste of salt reminds me when I lost it / The thought it stings me like it stings my wounds / You were kicking down the door and you couldn’t wait / Dissolving into every corner of my veins”

As the record progresses, accents of modern production slip into the mix providing more depth and texture to the arrangement building towards the chorus. Well-conceived mellow harmonies fill in the soundscape breathing more life into the chorus.

“Salt” is an enchanting record that will leave you reminiscing about a past love that didn’t last. The poetic and vivid lyrics depicting the burn of salt on the tongue and the crystallization of loss, perfectly capture these bittersweet feelings.

Elyse Aeryn is a master of her craft, combining organic instrumentation and pristine production with her pure vocal tone for a highly memorable music experience. You’ll definitely want to check out this song and keep up with Elyse's latest news.

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About Elyse Aeryn

After releasing three country-inspired studio singles, Aeryn found her own unique sound while teaching herself Logic Pro X. Contributing acoustic guitar and vocals organically, the remaining elements on her tracks are a combination of midi and loops. Influenced by timeless artists like Stevie Nicks and contemporary game changers like Maggie Rogers, Aeryn’s sound is reminiscent of 90s alt-pop with a hint of rock and roll.

Indie-pop songstress Elyse Aeryn is reinventing herself one song at a time. Playing guitar since her teens, she pursued a degree in chemical engineering before rediscovering herself and turning back to music full-time.


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