• Bryon Harris

Eternally Yours - 'Our Flight'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Our Fight” is an intense and seething composition. Emotionally loaded and musically heavy, this song contains depth in every way. The overall flow of the track is mesmerizing. Its' sections seem to organically grow from start to finish. The darkly passionate sound of the music is accomplished through virtuosic musicianship, an intricately crafted arrangement, and a powerfully engaging vocal performance.

Lyrically, “Our Fight” is a call to action against the all-too-common injustices of the day. So come and get the armor that protects you from your foes, Embrace the moral battle that will free you from control.” The intensity of the music meshes perfectly with the lyrical sentiment. “And we will not surrender ‘til you take away our lives.” The overall effect of this music is inspirational and energizing.

The arrangement of “Our Fight” shows mastery over the genre. Eternally Yours knows exactly how to weave this piece together for maximum effect. A brooding opening section gradually builds to a “pay-off” off chorus which slams with a hair-raising melody and intricate drum fills. An ultra-heavy bridge with expressive guitar riffs and a dynamic peak ending all elevate the song. “Our Fight” is intoxicating…an impressive work of art.

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About Eternally Yours Eternally Yours is a band that uses lyrical imagery with the help of gothic musical themes to take listeners into a dark journey through the emotional tortures of being mortal. Sarah Uhle’s melodically passionate lyrics compliment the heavy guitar sounds of Luis Palacios. The powerful and thunderous drumming, along with Gene Migaki’s boisterous bass playing, round out the rhythm section and bring to life the sound of Eternally Yours. With the help of their producer and longtime friend, Alex Crescioni, they released their debut album The Masquerade. In December 2015, the band received an award for "Fly Me Away" as best hard rock song by the Akademia. In 2017, their song, “Been A Long Time”, was nominated for best rock song for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. At the end of 2016 and 2018, Eternally Yours was on the Grammy list for voter consideration in multiple categories including Best Metal Song & Performance as well as Best Rock Song & Performance.

For more information on Eternally Yours, please visit their website.