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Luke Stamenkovich - Alfred’s Coffee Jam

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Australian-born guitarist, composer, and educator Luke Stamenkovich returns with his second single, “Alfred’s Coffee Jam.” A high-energy instrumental piece that seamlessly blends rock, blues, and funk with tight performances and a boatload of fretboard acrobatics.

Stamenkovich’s guitar work is impressively well-rounded on the “Jam.” At any given point, listeners will be treated to a whole spectrum of colors ranging from funky rapid-fire staccato rhythms to soaring leads and expressive lines with tasteful phrasing over feel-good changes.

Luke is joined by guest soloist Joshua Ray Gooch (of Shania Twain’s band); the duo trade off solos in a manner that can only be described as conversational. They create a natural back-and-forth, organic, playful feeling, picking up on atmospheric pentatonic licks that dance through the air.

Let’s talk about the song as a whole, though. Things kick off with the aforementioned funky riff, with the drummer laying down a disco beat that drives like a Mac truck. The former serves as the song’s theme and a musical anchor for some exciting twists and turns with arrangement choices as the piece develops.

I love how the band brings it on home at the 2:33 mark before going into a swamp boot stomp (2:41)

Everything going on here is well-recorded. The drums are punchy and in your face without being overbearing. The bass is super warm and steady but is not without its share of tasty moments of expression.

In November 2021, Stamenkovich released his debut EP ‘Chasing Dreams’ and will release a live album recorded during the EP’s launch, so be on the lookout for that if high-level rock-infused instrumental music is your bag.


About Luke Stamenkovich

Luke Stamenkovich is an Australian born guitarist, composer and educator. He has worked nationally and internationally both in the studio and live. He has studied both in Perth and in the United States, studying Guitar Performance at Hollywood’s Musicians Institute and currently at Berklee College of Music. In 2020, Luke started to work on his debut Instrumental EP and released his first single "Chasing Dreams" in December of the same year. His second lead up single "Alfred’s Coffee Jam" Released in October 2021 features LA guitarist Joshua Ray Gooch (Shania Twain). November 2021, Luke released his Debut Instrumental EP ‘Chasing Dreams’ featuring a plethora of USA’s top session musicians from artists such as Gwen Stefani ,Pink, Shania Twain and more.



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