• Bryon Harris

ExAnimo “Call Me Love”

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

A harp gently brushes through sweet melodies to introduce ExAnimo’s “Call Me Love.” You have no idea what you’re in for. To continue the calm before the storm, Madeleine Gardell’s soft, soothing voice enters with the first verse accompanied by a rich piano.

“Call Me Love” is melodic in nature, with a warm, inspiring tone that guides one’s emotions through sweeping movement and swift development.

As the chorus hits, we are treated to a sound that is both sweet and epic. It is almost guaranteed that you will be moved to tears as a grand, upward key change takes the song into the upper stratosphere.

When it comes to lyrics, ExAnimo does not disappoint. “Call Me Love” is written about the feeling of having someone in your life through times of struggle and hardship. The tone of the song’s words is warm and reassuring, while also capturing the earth-shaking fight to overcome one’s deepest challenges. By the end of the song, you are left with a good feeling in your heart, and inspired to conquer the world.

“Call me love

Make me believe

Another world is

Waiting for Me”

As new artists on the scene, ExAnimo have accomplished something exquisite in this single. “Call Me Love” carries hints of Celtic influences evident in the song’s swaying rhythms and melodic phrasing. The flow of the music is reminiscent of Enya, while the songwriting and instrumentation is on the level of Ludwig Beethoven himself. “Call Me Love” is new and exciting, and signals the beginning of something great for ExAnimo.

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