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Faceless Ones - "Kitti"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Kitti” is a catchy song with a killer groove and a hip, modern sound. A massive drum track and a vintage-hip keyboard part create an undeniable groove over which the Faceless Ones can place their phenomenal syncopated vocal hooks. The mood of the song is pensive and engaging. Vocal harmonies create impressive depth while a mesmerizing rhythm section creates an out-of-body feeling.

Lyrically, “Kitti” is introspective and poetic, asking and answering rhetorical sentiments in a satisfying way.

“But this is your life, it's okay to take shots, Do I even know how much it takes, Relying on the pattern that you've only grown to hate.”

The hypnotic rhythm of the track injects these lyrics with gravity. “You slowly watch your friends all disappear, If life is growing up, then I don't want a part of this.” Thought-provoking and passionate, these lyrics are the perfect counterpart to the tone of the music.

The production of “Kitti” is artistic and finely tuned. The sounds work cohesively to play with emotional tones and keep the song fresh from start to finish. The arrangement shows songwriting brilliance, introducing textures at just the right time to make the song even more impactful. The vocal takes are impeccable, alternatively harnessing rhythmic and melodic strengths in delightful contrast. Overall this is a rich and powerful song, amazingly effective, and a great listen.

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About Faceless Ones

Julian Coiner, known by the moniker Faceless Ones, is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Baltimore, Maryland, and now based in Denver, CO. Coiner is a Cherokee native from a musical family and has been playing since childhood. He plays drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, sings and writes, and produces every aspect of his music. Faceless Ones began when Coiner was in high school, and now has four albums out and three music videos. Coiner's biggest musical inspirations are Local Natives and Prince.


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