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Faded Shades - 'She Left Yesterday'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Haling fron Kent, Faded Shades is an alt-rock trio consists of Joe (singer, songwriter, guitarist), Liam (bass) and Charlie (drums). Since releasing their debut album, the band have made their mark on the London and South East music scene, growing their following considerably and earning a few festival slots along the way. The band's release of their brand new single 'She Left Yesterday,' as follow-up to their popular single ‘Chasing Your Love,’ is a single you don't want to miss.

A gruff electric guitar riff and soft piano melody resonate in Faded Shades new single, “She Left Yesterday.” An in-the-pocket consistent rhythm section along with a clean groove on the guitar drive the song forward as the subtle piano melody echoes over the vocals. Joe Perry’s vocals are laid-back and natural as he sings, 'll make a safe bet she don't stay, She's hell bent on running away. The water calls in a subtle way. Journeys whisper calling her name. Though I love my girl so, I'm getting used to letting her go." Joe's vocal performance is intimate with just the right amount of emotion, allowing the story to unfold like a conversation.

In "She Left Yesterday" the lyrics reflect on love and loss. Listeners will hear a melancholy yearning without any bitterness. Songwriter Joe laments a story about two people who realize that their love is not enough. In this story, the woman has drifted away fulfilling her desire to travel the world. The man is heartbroken over losing her, yet he understands.

“And though I know that she means well,

I cannot help but feel the swell,

Of sadness crash wash over me,

Cos she's in love with the world not me.”

“She Left Yesterday” by Faded Shades will touch your heart and your ears with its bright groove, memorable melody, and solemn lyrics. The song has an exceptional resonance in the vocals and the rhythm section is tight and vibrant. In "She Left Yesterday," Faded Shades have mastered their modern rock n’ roll sound and style showing that they are an invigorating band with an authentic expression that listeners can instantly connect with.

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