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Faithless Town – “What I’m Dreamin’ Of”

By Brandon Watts & Staff

FaithlessTown is an American rock band led by singer-songwriter Gene Owens. Formed in Atlanta and now based in Los Angeles, the band has consisted of several line-ups. Funded by fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign, their first full-length album, American Refugee (2012), featured the single “Ghosts Of My Hometown” which received FM radio play throughout the American Southeast. Branching out from their Americana Rock roots, FaithlessTown’s new record, Empires, is an eclectic album ranging in music styles as diverse as 80’s pop and new wave to folk and grunge. Empires was released Feb. 21st 2020 on Spectra Music Group.

Faithless Town are sure to captivate listeners with the spirited arrangement of their record “What I’m Dreamin’ Of.” Written by frontman Gene Owens, this tune was inspired by classic songs of peace and unity like John Lennon’s “imagine” and driven by the urge to bridge the political divide that keeps people from seeing others as fellow human beings.

Opening the record, an acoustic guitar chord progression sits at the heart of the arrangement soon bolstered by heavy, slamming drums, and a steady bass groove that together make for a potent backbone.

In the verses, Gene makes a point to sing about the similarities we share and how to set aside our differences. Accents of melodic strings find their way into the mix, weaving delicate phrases to the soundscape. When they hit the chorus, the group pours all their energy and heart into making the hook explosive and memorable, making sure the message for peace and equality is inked on our souls.

“If they say we can’t get along / Look em’ in the eye / And tell them they’re wrong / Because there’s only one race and there’s only one love / Peace is what I’m dreaming of”

The performance of “What I’m Dreamin’ Of” consists of: Gene Owens - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Matthew Smith - electric guitars, backing vocals, piano; Tyler Sant – bass; Mark Brown - B3 organ; Darren Dodd – drums; Marcos Villalobos Rodriguez - string arrangement; and Dan Dixon- percussion. The band is stellar and the nuance they present, while still creating a driving rock song, showcases their artistic instincts.

In "What I'm Dreamin' Of", Gene Owens and Faithless Town show that they have substance. The song, driven by a poignant message and great musicianship, defines our times with a dream of unity and peace that you will be thinking about in your sleep. Wake up your soul to "What I'm Dreamin' Of.' Connect on Facebook.

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