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Fareed El Boricua Arabe – ‘Rock On’

Review Written by Matt Wong & Staff

“Rock On” is a song by hip hop/rock, multi-genre and supremely talented artist Fareed El Boricua Arabe. It was released on January 1, 2020 and is already on heavy rotation on National Indie Radio, promising to be one of the most popular relases of the New Year.

The song begins a four bar intro featuring a high energy distorted guitar riff supported by massive sounding drums accenting the begin of phrases that will knock you off your feet. The drums then begin a nice groove in addition to the newly introduced bass part, which doubles the guitar riff. Rock and groove unite! Fareed's radio-ready, smooth vocals dominate the mix as a second guitar part can also be heard crunching away on rhythm. The arrangement is very well thought out. with a lot of cool surprises. The first verse is much more stripped down in arrangement, now without the heavy distorted rock guitars, though no less intense in vibe. Fareed keeps the intensity going from beginning to end. The second half of the verse introduces an interesting synth part that simulates pizzicato strings processed with a dotted eighth note delay that adds more melodic and rhythmic variety. This track is on fire. Mixing pop, rock, hip-hop and more, soon an R&B style guitar solo and then a Latin groove emerge - there is literally something for everyone, but more importantly Fareed has proven that great music has no boundaries and can be written to appeal to all audiences.

“Rock On” was written to introduce Fareed El Boricua Arabe to the hip hop/rock community, and is succeeds beyond measure in demonstrating his diverse artistry. Fareed has been “rockin on the mic since [he] was born” and “burning up stages to the break of dawn.” In addition he channels through the song that he is “burning up like Nirvana, hot like Madonna…super natural like Carlos Santana.”

Fareed El Boricua Arabe sets a high bar in the hip hop/rock idiom as the song’s writing and production are top notch. In addition, he is a talented vocalist and rapper full of character and energy. “Rock On” is a song that knows no bounds, breaks down all genre barriers, and invites the world to participate. "Rock On" is more than a cross-over song - it is the perfect unity of music in multiple genres and a great song to start the New Year!

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About Fareed El Boricua Arabe

Fareed also known as El Boricua Arabe & El Boricua De La Bachata was a founding member of the legendary Freestyle Group Spirit Matter.  His successful career spans over 30 years as a recording artist, promoter, rapper, singer-songwriter and poet. 

Fareed started his music career as a member of the Hip Hop Crew Future Force along with Andrew Welsh, John Lindsey and Louis Sharpe a.k.a K7 of TKA/K7, at the world famous Roxy Nite Club.The Roxy performance opened up the door of opportunity for Fareed to record demo tapes with Full Force and Cultjam.

Fareed, Andrew Welsh, and John Lindsey formed the Hip hop group Death City Boyz.   As a member of Death City Boyz, Fareed was signed to Snowflake/Prism Record and released his first single titled "Bopsey Twins."   "Bopsey Twins" aired on WBLS' Mr. Magic's Rap attack show and is now considered an Electro Hip Hop classic.

After DCB decided to go separate ways, Fareed and Andrew Welsh formed the freestyle group Spirit Matter. Fareed had a chance run in with Frankie Bones at RPBC, a popular record pool in New York City.  Frankie Bones was working at the time with Tommy Musto for Midnight Sun/Tropical Heat Records on a song titled "Crimes Of Passion." Fareed and Andrew collaborated on Crimes Of Passion and were signed by Silvio PTancredi (former head of Atlantic Records Dance music division) to Tropical Heat Records. "Crimes of Passion" became an instant club hit in the New York City Latin hip hop club scene and was aired on Hot 103 in various mix shows.  Soon after the song aired on Power 96 Miami's top Dance Music radio station on full rotation. 

"Crimes Of Passion" changed Fareed's life forever making it to number 3 in airplay and sales in South Florida and giving him the opportunity to perform to sold out crowds all over New York City's top Dance Clubs (1018, Hearthrobs, Roseland and Palladium), and Miami (Casanova, 1235 and The Hialeah Racetrack).  Spirit Matter's "Crimes of Passion" hit big and today the song is considered a Freestyle Classic. 

His follow up single titled "Betrayal" was one of the first Latin Hip Hop Dance songs to combine live Latin percussion with live guitar power chord samples often imitated in today's EDM sound.  In 2012 Fareed and Producer Junior Galan started Sosua Sound Recordings and released Fareed´s debut Latin album-cd Love n Tears which spawned the now classic Merengue Track Bailando en La Playa which became a Youtube international hit.


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