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Fareed El Boricua Arabe - 'Trapped'

Review written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Trapped” is a salsa, electronic, hip-hop and trap song by Fareed El Boricua Arabe. The intro draws you in with an addictive heavy trap and salsa beat.The audio tune in the vocals, cool rap flow, and energetic chorus complement each other for a song that is ready for the charts.

Production by Junior Galan and DJ Flex has a banging club vibe. The electronic salsa beat at the beginning with trendy audio tune vocals adds a dynamic layer to the heavy bass and drumbeat. The contagious hook is so strong - it was a hit before it was released.

The song describes a woman who mesmerizes and traps men. This is a woman who loves the dollar more than she loves you. She chews men up and spits them out. The chorus describes a man who is trapped in her maze, “Oh, oh, I’m trapped, she got me lost in her maze.” Throughout the song, Fareed demonstrates he is equally skilled at R & B style singing as he is rapping the mic showcasing his slick rap flow and combining both styles of vocals to make this song ultra alluring.

"Trapped" is a versatile song that could easily be a radio-hit, a chart-topper, a party favorite or a lit club mix. This is the kind of track that can be put out many times, even with a strong EDM remix, and listeners will never tire of hearing it. The killer beat and fantastically catchy chorus will have you bumping up your speakers and singing along . Fareed has a clear vision that he executes flawlessly and based on the contagious vibe of this song, there is no doubt that he is an artist to watch in 2020 and for years to come.

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About Fareed El Boricua Arabe

Fareed has been in the music industry for over 30 years compiling a long list of successes. Here are just a few:

  • Member of the Hip Hop Crew Future Force along with Andrew Welsh, John Lindsey and Louis Sharpe a.k.a K7 of TKA/K7 at the world famous Roxy Nite Club as the opening act for the Legendary Hip Hop group The Cold Crush Brothers on August 19th 1983.

  • Recorded demo tapes with Full Force and Cultjam as a member of Future Force.

  • As a member of Death City Boyz Fareed was signed to Snowflake/Prism Records in 1985 and released his first single titled Bopsey Twins produced by Dj Tony Torres, Stephen Korlas and mixed by the now legendary Dj Frankie Bones with edits by Omar Santana.  Bopsey Twins aired on WBLS Mr. Magic's Rap attack show. It is now considered an Electro Hip Hop classic.

  • Fareed and Andrew Welsh, formed the Freestyle group Spirit ,  co-wrote Crimes Of Passion signed by Silvio Tancredi (former head of Atlantic Records Dance music division) to Tropical Heat Records. Crimes of passion became an instant club hit in the New York City Latin hip hop club scene and was aired on Hot 103 in various mix shows. 

  • Soon after the song aired on Power 96 Miami's top Dance Music radio station on full rotation.  Crimes Of Passion made it to number 3 in airplay and sales in South Florida and giving him the opportunity to perform to sold out crowds all over New York City's top Dance Clubs(1018, Hearthrobs, Roseland and Palladium), and Miami (Casanova, 1235 and The Hialeah Racetrack).  Spirit Matter's Crimes of Passion is considered a Freestyle Classic.

  • In 2012 Fareed and Producer Junior Galan started Sosua Sound Recordings and released Fareed´s debut Latin album-cd Love n Tears which spawned the now classic Merengue Track Bailando en La Play which became a Youtube international hit.

Fareed has since has gone on to record the remake in bachata of In The Air Tonight, Profundo which featured the hit Esa Mujer, Urban Tek Volume One with the EDM REMIX of Bailando En La Plays, the hit reggaeton track Vamos Pa La Calle and Urban Tek Volume 2 El Boricua Arabe released January 7th 2018. Urban Tek Vol. 2 El Boricua Arabe is his crossover Pop and Latin album which features the hit remake in reggae of Ain't No Sunshine fused with reggaeton. Fareed is the new voice in the Urban Pop Latin market bringing you a diverse mix of styles. Also Fareed is Program Director and Partner at the newest hottest internet radio station LHMPR RADIO latin heat meets Pop and RnB.


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