• Bryon Harris

Fate Will Come - 'Wreck'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Fate Will Come emulates a melodic and metal-inspired stye full of angst in their new song "Wreck." "Wreck" starts with an intertwined and intricate guitar riff duo that perks your ears right up. Upon multiple listens, and having the lyrics in my head, the opening riff now reminds me of two people who are tangled.

The song then develops into a full-scale mind battle with hard hitting drums, rhythm guitar, and bass. Matt Kirschner, (guitars and production); Renita Zintel (lead Vocals and guitar); Michael Joe Deal (bassist, guitarist, vocalist, and keyboard); Richard Groce (drums and percussion); and Lalee Dudlee (backing vocals) offer an intense and vivacious performance.

“Wreck” is a savage, yet beautiful and honest hard rock song about a love gone wrong. Lead Singer, Renita Zintel is a fantastic frontman with vocals that pierce above the thick mix reminincent of Geddy Lee. "Your breathing down my neck. Get inside my head. I'm feeling like a wreck. Don't want to clean this mess."

The song presents an imaginative and surrealistic approach to depicting a messy relationship that leaves you feeling like your life has crashed. The band's fusion of rock, metal, and rugged melodies, provokes emotion from the listener as Renita's fierce vocals create a magnetic sound. Lead guitar solos demonstrate a blast of freedom in the midst of the wreck.

As the lead vocals forcefully repeat the chorus, “Feelin’ like a wreck,” you can hear the emotional turmoil spinning out of control. The 4-word catchy phrase, "Feelin' like a wreck" sticks in your head and drives home what it feels like to have someone breathing down your neck, taking your freedom away, and not wanting to feel that way, but unable to free yourself from the mindgames.

Fate Will Come goes the extra mile to get their message across. With an aggressive and tight musical delivery, their high energy sound and straight-forward lyrics take you directly to the emotion of the song with no stops along the way. Fate Will Come brilliantly packages love's wreckage with raw honesty, instrumental prowess, and a spirited vocal performance.

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About Fate Will Come

Fate will Come is a band that is driven by passion, energy, nostalgia and the unpredictable. Every song and every lyric is kindled by real-life events that share a common universal emotion. me.

The band is a long-awaited dream collaboration between Renita Zintel and Matt Kirschner. Their unique collaboration spans two contries as Renita lives in Canada, and all other members of the band live in the USA. Band members include:

Matt Kirschner - Guitar (acoustic/electric) & Production

Renita Zintel - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Michael Joe Deal - Bassist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Keyboard

Richard Groce - Drums and Percussion Lalee Dudlee - Backing Vocals

Musically, the band injects modern hard rock with metal and other diverse elements to deliver hard, aggressive riffs yet radio accessible featuring rich melodic vocals. FATE WILL COME has no specific style, nor do they label themselves as just a Metal band. They consider themselves a high energy alt rock band and are fearless songwriters.